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Never Lonely Again

Have you ever felt so lonely, even when you have friends? Most children experience this kind of environment when they have everything. Our friend, Chestnut, the squirrel also felt the same, feeling so lonely, so lazy and so bored. However, he is unaware of the fact that the world around him is surrounded by beautiful and lovable friends.

Chestnut built his home in a tree hole. He was sleeping for a long time than usual hours. He felt very bored as he had no chores and has no friends. So he thought he would sleep for some more time. Suddenly, he saw something shaking the tree and believed it was earthquake. He jumped from the bed and came out of his tree house. It was not an earthquake, but an otter named Morris who was playing with the branches of the tree.

Morris and Chestnut had a chat. Chestnut told him he was alone with no friends. Morris consoled him he got hundreds of friends and asked him to join a day to enjoy with his friends.

Morris took Chestnut with him and he went to beautiful garden with most beautiful flowers. He hugged and kissed the flowers, while Chestnut was watching excitedly. He caught a butterfly and set it free. Morris said it is not good to lockup a friend.

Morris then went to a river and started playing with the water. Chestnut was scared to cross the river but Morris insisted. With fear, he crossed the river, but felt it was a good experience. Morris said water is also his best friend. They had a shower in the stream and let them dry in the hill. It was a tiresome day and they had sunbath near cattle.

After a quick relaxation, Morris moved towards an apple tree with full of ripen fruits with Chestnut as they were very hungry. The tree was owned by a friend of Morris and they ate as much fruits as they can. Later, they climbed on a tree and watched the colorful clouds passing by. It was evening and they decided to return home. On the way back home, Chestnut asked him if he made a good friend or not?

Morris and Chestnut embraced their friendship and they reached home. Morris said goodbye to Chestnut and promised to meet the next day and asked chestnut to meet all his friends. Chestnut happily slept with an alarm to wake up on time. He realized that everyone around him was his friends and was happy to meet the new friends the next day.

Read the eBook with an impressive message and beautiful pictures. An inspirational story narrated with beautiful pictures and simple words. Never Lonely Again is one of the must to read eBooks for kids.

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