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Kevin, Arty and Patrick are good friends, rather, best friends. The story is all about the birthday party hosted by Kevin on his birthday and Patrick’s gift to him.

Kevin organized a party on his birthday and he invited his best friends to the party. Patrick was getting ready to join the celebration and to wish Kevin happy birthday.

Patrick was wearing a beautiful long green hat. Why he is wearing the long hat? Oh, yes, do we forget! He was getting ready for Kevin’s party! There is a dress code to the party and you should wear long green hat, party shoes in yellow and an orange pant. Patrick is ready for the party.

Oh, he missed something! Yes the birthday gift.

What do you like the most about birthday? Yes, kids love super gifts and are showered with gifts on birthday. Obviously, Patrick should pick the best gift for his best friend.

Patrick thought about gifting an elephant! Kevin had no room to accommodate an elephant!

Patrick then thought about gifting a lawn mower, but Kevin has no lawn!

Then it was getting late for the party and Patrick rushed.

Kevin was happy for receiving so many gifts from his friends. What was the best gift he received for his birthday?

Kevin was so happy and delighted with the gift he received from his best friend, Patrick.

Did you know what Patrick gifted to Kevin? Now, read the simple story and get inspired.

You are talking to Patrick and asking him questions. He is answering you and the story is narrated as a method of conversation.

There is an exclusive series of short eBook stories for kids featuring the characters, Kevin, Arty and Patrick. The specialty of this series is the way of narration. You can read the story as if you are a part of the story and answer the questions asked by the characters.

From this particular story, kids can learn about different colors, shapes, and elements. It is very ideal story for preschoolers to teach something new. The sketches are very simple and blend well with the happenings. A must to read story!

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