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Kids love to hear and read animal stories. Even elders too! This is one of the must to read eBooks for kids.

Mpisa was a beautiful hyena. She delivered three cubs. She was given a safer shelter in a burrow underneath a big ant hill! Her clan often moves out with the group of hyenas to hunt food. Mpisa was not able to take care of all three little cubs. Two were girls and there was only one boy!

The mother and the little ones were fed by the clan every day. Days passed by! One day, the leader of the clan wanted Mpisa to join them for hunting. However, the cubs were too young to look after themselves.

Moonhag was gradually losing her eyesight! She lost her ability to hunt! Moonhag, Mpsia’s aunt hyena took care of her and the little ones. So, they appointed Moonhag , an old hyena to take care of the cubs.

The cubs were growing. The two girls were very close to each other. They played together. They never allowed the boy hyena to join them, because, the boy hyena was very strong and seemed to be huge in appearance for his age. The girls could never win any game with the boy. So, the boy hyena was left alone all day.

He decided to explore his world more and try new things. Since aunt hyena, the Moonhag visint was not clear and could not hear properly, the boy Hyena tried to explore new areas. Still, he was a baby hyena.

He lost his way. He met Kubuka, a monkey in an isolated place. The boy hyena was unaware about the species of monkey! Kubuka was one of the strange monkeys who had a desire to grow the strongest and the most intelligent!

Kubuka understood the condition of the cub! The poor cub asked the way to his den. Kubuka rushed him to find the way on his own. The little hyena wasn’t able to find the way. He had only an identification to find his den, a burrow under a large ant hill, where his sisters and aunt Moonhog live.

Was the boy able to reach his den safe? Who was the monkey Kubuka? Read the eBook to enjoy this fascinating story.

The eBook has no images. The plain text may not get appealing to the kids, yet this is completely fascinating story!

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