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Cinderella and the glass slipper is one of the classical fairy tales kids likes the most! The classic tale has been reproduced in many versions. Now, let us get back to the classic British version of the famous story of Cinderella.

The story begins with introducing Cinderella and the other girls in the home as her sisters, Bella and Martha. Cinderella was ill-treated by her sisters and she was treated like a slave.

While the other two girls dressed up beautifully to participate in the ballet at the court, Cinderella was left alone in the home. She was so sad that her sisters treated her as their slave.

Seeing her, her godmother, a fairy appeared and consoled her. She offered Cinderella a wish and asked her to say what she wanted.

Do you want to know what Cinderella asked? Obviously you should! Read the eBook if you don’t!

Cinderella was transformed into a stunning princess by the fairy and the vehicle was ready to carry her to the palace.

Did I miss something? Oh, yes, the glass slippers! Yes, fairy fondly offered her a pair of beautiful and attractive glass slippers.

However, the fairy warned that everything would vanish before the midnight and asked her to return home.

When she entered the palace, everyone was stunned to see an amazing beauty! The prince was melted at Cinderella’s beauty and charm and asked her to dance with him. The time was closer to midnight and she ran away from the ballet, leaving one glass behind in the court.

The prince was shocked and he grabbed a beautiful glass slipper left by Cinderella. Cinderella reached home on time, but the prince couldn’t forget Cinderella.

Read the story and enjoy it!

The specialty of this story from the typical Cinderella story is the way the tale is narrated. Unlike the easy language, the story narrated in classic language. Besides, the images are quite attractive. The vintage images are beautiful. The story has the rhythmic words. Being a popular story, you can ask the children to read it to improve the vocabulary.

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