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When it comes to books for young readers, most of the books fall under the category, fairy tales, moral stories, folklores and educational content. Literature for children is hard to find.

Children writing mean easy narration, simple and minimal words, not much complication. Chimera Short and Tall Stories is unique from the typical collection of eBooks for kids. Fotis Dousos, a theatre art professional is the author of this eBook. This book has more than 20 short and long tales for children.

Short stories mean very short tales, longer no more than 4 lines.

For example, fishing on a lake where the golden fish were dead. A kid was happy fishing on a lake where no gold fish was alive. The kid did not know about the dead fish, but was happy pretending that he catches fish!

Another in-depth story is about the disguises in our life. When the summer arrives, the snow man began to melt. Surprisingly, it wasn’t a snow man, but there was a statue behind the snow man. A few men who passed by the statue would have made him a snow man! After several years, there could be some other statue behind the statue or the statue could have been turned into something else!

A few stories are extremely humorous, a few stories are very deep and heart touching, a few stories reveal the insecurity of life! However, the writing tone is so deep that many children may find it difficult to grasp the meaning. Unless you are proficient in the language, even the grownups may not grasp the content in the first read.

The typical rules of writing a tale of children is found nowhere in this tale. No story has heroes, villains, fairies, animals, curses, boons, good and bad deeds! Everything is about the normal life. This eBook is definitely not for kids aged less than 10 years. Pre-teens who are interested in literature and theatre art will surely enjoy it.

The author has worked in the elementary schools as a theatre pedagogue. He has created many art albums for kids and specialized in making educational and theatre drama for kids.

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