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Reading short stories is one of the best ways to spend time in a relaxing and useful way! It is important to inculcate the reading habits in children at a very tender age. Reading helps improving knowledge, reduces the time spent before computers and smart devices. It also enhances the intelligence and teaches good values.

Get the most of educational and interesting eBooks for kids from this exclusive collection of short stories for kids @ Glodwyn’s Treasure Chest eBook!

Princess, toad, fairies, dragons, alligators, dogs and horses, each story fascinate a child who reads or hears it. Searching for bed time stories, stop here! You can make the bed time routine more entertaining with these stories. This unique collection of stories can be cherished forever! While this eBook is tagged as short stories for kids, we believe that there is no restriction when it comes to age among the readers. Since the messages and values of the stories are exceptional, unique from the typical fantasy stories, even pre-teens and adults will find it amusing.

The Dragon Said Moo is one of the stories! It is about a challenge posed by a young boy Daniel who was assigned a task by his parent to entertain his cousins, where the elders were discussing the family issues! His cousins were too hard to impress! Daniel’s solution was quite impressive and extremely creative, that you could ever forget.

The Pony that No One could Ride is about taming a pony by a family for their son! The story describes all the hardships experienced by the family when they tried to cultivate the habits of a large animal getting rid of the past conflicts.

Similarly, Signs of Friendship is also a must to read story. Elders will love it and you can tell all these stories even to the pre-schoolers.

Glodwyn’s Treasure Chest is a collection of 12 charming stories for kids featuring the popular stories written by different authors. This is indeed a great job done by Gnome, who collected these short stories. The intention is to spread the book for free and this eBook is ready to download or you can read it online.

Download / Read Online (100 Pages : 2.07 MB) Download / Read Online (78 Pages : 1.29 MB)
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