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This is the first story in the series of Burly and Grum ebooks for Kids. Burlington Bear is shortly termed as Burly. Grum is a Groblin. This story is quite warming and tells how these two became best buddies. The other characters are Mike, an angel and Max a young boy.

It was a period where Groblins lived in the forest and the existence of groblins is not known to humans. Grum was thrown out of his house by his mother and brothers as they found him so weak. Once grum prove his bravery, they would allow him in their house. The sad Grum decided to kidnap a human and met Burly on his way to city. (The first meeting of Burly and Grum would be so hilarious. Enjoy the conversation of Burly and Grum).

Burly introduced Mike, an angel of the city who is responsible for goodness of the humans who lived in the city decided to help Grum to kidnap a human. However, Mike insisted Grum not to injure any human. Grum promised not to! They met Max a nice boy and befriend him.

Since Burly and Grum saw the city for the first time they wanted to have some food in the hotel. They landed in trouble after eating cupcakes from a restaurant! Yes, they had no money to pay and ran away from the hotel with help of the Mike.

Soon, they saw a carnival hosted by the queen. Grum decided to kidnap the carnival queen, but Max warned him he cannot do so. They started fighting and they were discovered by the owner of the restaurant. When they decided to escape, Burly get shot by the police. Poor Burly! Not interesting isn’t it? What happened to them? Were they able to escape from the city and reach their home? Was Grum able to prove his bravery to his brothers?

This is the introduction story to the series of eBooks for kids featuring Burly and Grum. It is a warm, light and hilarious story to read and enjoy.

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