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Children’s Stories with a Moral

This story is about an old man who lived with his dog and his cat near seashore. His dog was so nice but the cat was little bit evil! While the dog helped the old man without seeking any rewards, cat helped him only when he offers her a fish! He made his living by catching fishes from the sea. But the dog warned him that the cat was so evil and asked him to throw her out of the house. When the old man’s house caught fire, the cat didn’t help him! He threw away the cat into the sea and lived with his dog. As the day passes, they couldn’t find sufficient fish to eat. They spent many days in hunger with their empty stomach. A bird told him that the old man lost his faith in what is good, pointing to the cat! The old man realized that the cat was good too and it all depends upon us! The dog saw the hungry cat and shouted at her. The old man shared the last piece of fish into three parts and regained his faith in goodness!

Remember, everything has well and bad, it all depends on how we perceive it!


Mommy is a fantasy tale for kids. The interesting plots of the story will be loved by the kids.

A king lost his wife when the queen gave birth to her daughter. The princess grew up with lots of love and care poured by his father. She wanted to play in the beach with her friends, but his father, restricted.

Meanwhile, in the heaven, two angels were fond of each other. They were called Pink and Violet. Violet found that it was so boring to play with Pink and she requested God to have another partner. However, God refused to offer as it would lead to problems. The little princess fell ill and she went to heaven to play with Violet. Pink befriend her and played with her, which made violet so angry. The king was worried about his daughter’s health! The story goes on and the princess regains her health and return back to her country. Pink and Violet who couldn’t forget the princess get a boon from the God and reborn in the earth as twin kids of the princess!

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