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Let’s Be Friends Again

Sibling fights, tantrums and subsequent bonding is the theme of this story.

The story is narrated by a boy and he narrates rather shares his experiences with his sister. The boy and the girl play together. They spend most of their leisure time together. Just like every sibling, they fight often and bond subsequently.

The boy finds some trouble with his sister. The boy sometimes baby sit for his sister and she used to trouble him! However, she was a good listener and the boy used to tell some great stories. The boy refused to share his toys with her. Yet, the smart girl used to grab all her brother's toys. The tantrum began when the girl played with his brother's pet turtle!

The girl thought that the tank where the pet turtle kept was too small for the turtle. She carried it to the pond and let it free in the pond.

The boy was as angry as he lost his pet turtle. He showed his anger in many ways. He shouted at her. He threw away his toys and kept on thinking about his turtle. His parents supported his sister. He planned to avenge the loss of his pet and imagined many things. (This is definitely a funny part that everyone would die laughing).

He couldn't sleep for hours thinking about the pet. He then saw his sister playing in the garden so happily like never before. The boy was surprised as well as very angry seeing her sister happy.

He made a decision! What was that?

Let's be friends again, the lovable brother and sister, their cute fights, rivalry, etc is narrated beautifully. It happens very commonly in every household. The pictures of the eBook are beautiful and make it more colorful and interesting. The ebook is scripted with few words and gives an easy read.

Sibling rivalry happens! Now, if you fight with your brother or sister, whatever or whoever may be at fault, just forgive and forget. Life will be merrier!

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