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Artificial Intelligence

How Artificial Intelligence can Influence the World?

Technology has certainly changed the world we live now. We're living in a world that runs on technology and innovation that displays how far human mind can think. In this innovation, Artificial Intelligence has taken the world by storm. According to, the global Artificial Intelligence market was valued to be worth USD 129.28 billion in 2022. From 2023 to 2032, it is estimated to reach USD 2967.51 billion growing at a CAGR of 36.8%. This new concept of science fiction has been on minds of technology scientists since decades, but finally getting into the world. Artificial Intelligence is the stimulation of human intelligence processed by computer systems. These processes include learning, reasoning and self-correction. In particular, AI includes speech recognition and machine vision. Arend Hintze, assistant professor of Integrative Biology and Computer Science and Engineering at Michigan State University, defined the Artificial Intelligence further with categories. These categories are:

  • Reactive Machines: This is explained with an example of Deep Blue, the IBM chess program that beat Garry Kasparov in 1990. The system can identify pieces on chess board and make prediction, but carries no memory.
  • Limited Memory: This AI system uses past experiences to inform future decisions. Observations used for informing actions happening in the distant future, like car changed the lanes and others.
  • Theory of Mind: This category refers to understanding that other people carry their own beliefs and intentions impacting the decision they take.
  • Self-Awareness: AI system carries a sense of self having consciousness. Machines carrying their self-awareness can understand the current state and use the information of what people feel.

Artificial Intelligence - Influencing the Human Mind:

Artificial Intelligence development is nothing less than a milestone. Autonomous cars, smartphones and other technologies are the finest examples which are making our lives easy. The impact of Artificial Intelligence in human lives has been major and the constant interactions with technology has been influencing majorly in human mind. Smartphones and laptops are being used for storing information, giving our mind relaxation. Siri is the best example that works as the assistant of the smartphone user.

Let us check how the human mind will be influenced:

Exploiting the Human Abilities:

Impact of Artificial Intelligence on everyday life will be huge. It will allow humans to develop an abstract thinking, imagination and intuition. According to some experts, AI will help in promoting complex parts of our minds. Moreover, it will also promote the capabilities of the machine to add value.

Seeking Smartphone Help for Assistance:

Siri- The Virtual Assistant is the finest example of Artificial Intelligence. It virtually assists you in your everyday life, especially in professional work. GPS is another best example of AI technology that helps in offering complete assistance in checking routes you'll be travelling. From traffic to time to reach, everything is being displayed on your smartphone.

How Artificial Intelligence will Impact our Future?

As mentioned above, impact of Artificial Intelligence in everyday life has been major. Big data have been helping to speed up the AI development process having more integration in our everyday lives. Let us check how Artificial Intelligence will impact our future:

  • Takes over the Dangerous Jobs:
    Robots and computer systems are taking up the hazardous job of humans. Robots are technically drones and are used as a physical counterpart for defusing bombs. In many countries, robots are being used for defusing bombs, and are controlled by humans. Moreover, this technology is also used for welding work and is the safest outsourcing work done by robots. Robotic welding cells are under in use and have helped many companies in welding jobs. However, this has also replaced the human work, snatching their jobs.
  • Solving Climate Change:
    Weather bureau has been using latest technologies, especially data systems to get proper statistics. Storing heavy numbers could be mind-boggling job for a human being, so technology is becoming the best alternative.
  • Elder Care Solution:
    In many cases, seniors find it hard to take care of themselves, especially during health issues. AI is offering a great help for seniors in taking care through Home robots. These robots help with everyday task and helps seniors to stay independently.


The impact of Artificial Intelligence can be seen in recent times. It has already arrived in the American workplace to bring down the burden of complicated computer system work. AI is designed in such a way that helps humans to tailor-make robots fitting to the daily lives. As the technology is improving and more research is invested, Artificial Intelligence is becoming more accurate and interactive with humans. However, there is a huge question over this interaction and whether it can bring positivity or negativity in human lives.

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