Things You Should Avoid While Designing Kid’s Room

We all want to treat our kids in the highest manner of love and joy. While decorating his room, we try our best to not miss anything which might feel less, and here we make some mistakes that we regret after time goes away. So today we will discuss things to avoid while decorating your kid’s room that may affect his growth, creativity or harm him physically.

Lights and Lights:

Yes, we love to make a kid’s room filled with lights and different light effects and make it look good on his eyes. My take on this factor is “Avoid”. Please don’t make this mistake because if your kid gets habitant with only playing in Artificial lights, You are spoiling his whole childhood, and making him introvert at this small age is a pure question of physical and mental growth.

Installing TV in the room:

We all know how television is addictive and still, we install TV in a child’s room. Why? Because you may think it is necessary and all but you are wrong. TV promotes more adult ads, risky stunts, illogical things shown by TV serials, and some ads which are not meant for kids such as How to attract girls using deodorant or drinking this soda will make you superhuman. Please in this age your child needs to learn things so rather than giving him access to TV gives him puzzles, riddles with the theme of their interest.

Too many graphics:

We know for sure that our kids would love to see their favorite characters painted on walls but some parents make walls filled with characters and graphics. It will drastically decrease his creativity so make sure to not overdo graphics on the wall and let some space empty for his creativity.

Just warm colors:

We all know that kids do love red, orange, and other warm colors but still using calm colors such as green, light blue makes the human brain calm and helps them to concentrate on daily tasks. But can’t ignore our kid’s favorite color either so what we can do is create themes and in the particular portion we can use his favorite color so it makes a win-win situation for both.

Not leaving space in room:

In overexcitement of decorating room, we tend to forget one thing easily is space for playing or his creativity. What we can do is leave some space near windows and that will be his own space and can do anything so it makes him do things in his way and letting his creativity rise is our main aim.

Using Unstable & Heavy furniture:

Furniture is the main aspect of any decoration and it gets an even major role while decorating your kid’s room. While purchasing any furniture make sure it’s not much heavy and gets the job done and also while fitting things in the room, make sure they are perfectly fine and able to carry medium weight because if they will be unstable anything from things getting shattered to harming your child may happen. So rather than just decoration, we should also focus on stability and weights of furniture.

Video games And their negative effects:

We often get a question on how to get kids off of video games and back onto their classwork and if it’s now enough to convince you then there is ongoing research on how video games affect children and they found that it leads to poor social skills, time away from family, less reading, less exercise, becoming overweight, and having aggressive thoughts and behaviors. What you can do is make them play outdoor and indoor sports and present their board games. That will drastically improve their thought process and make them physically strong.

Electricity sockets and poor wiring:

If your kid is in the growing stage then will try to experiment with everything and electricity is not meant for experiments. When you place these sockets at their reach, there are high chances of they will put their fingers in and you know what will happen next. And same applies to wiring also that if it is done poorly then your kid can get an electric shock and can also give him disabilities to death. So make sure that you make a proper inspection of all things related to electricity.

In conclusion, we can say that it’s a good thought to provide every happiness possible to your baby but your love may create a burden to his growth to unimaginable things. So make sure to take all measurements regarding his growth and safety while building a small palace for your little prince or princess. Get the best furniture online from tiny explorer’s online portal.


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