Best Tips And Room Decorating Ideas

Colourful enunciation, brightness and spacious room are the primary factors before setting up a kid’s room. Sophisticated antiques should find a place in your kid’s room, but only after their favourite toys. However, safety of your dear-ones is the KEY FEATURE, which should never be compromised for decoration’s sake.

Room Decorating Ideas

At the end of a hard-working day, nothing is more relaxing than lying down on your clean and crisp bedding. However, if the view from your bed is “beautiful”, it will surely help in alleviating the “stress from work. Below are some of the best room decorating ideas that will surely entice you.

  • Oliver Burns: – In such a short period of time, burns has developed an international community who loves its way of interior designing. Because of its refined elegance, it’s awesome colour palette in conjunction with artistic settings it converts your bedroom into a marvellous, soothing and spacious place within no time
  • Nick Prescott: – It delivers some of the finest and exquisite pieces of interior designing you heart can vaguely imagine. Using fabrics & blending them with such elegance is a speciality only deliverable through Nick’s Interior designing.
  • Kerry Bryan: This particular interior designing is appreciated because of its “minimal & Classic approach”, with a feeling of hygiene, warmth and homely atmosphere.

Kid’s Room Decorating Ideas

Since your kid’s rooms require a touch of “Perky” rather than any classic or artistic tinge. Below are dedicated, reviewed and recommended tips on Kid’s room decorating ideas.

  • Rooms always painted in vibrant and jovial colours.
  • Paintings with replaceable frame
  • Furniture should be light and artistic.
  • Enough space must be provided for kids to play freely.
  • Matching curtains and bed linings.

Children Bedroom Ideas

Unlike “Kid’s Room Decorating Ideas” children bedroom ideas are a little bit different. Children usually require more storage space and less perky but rather decorative items like posters and pictures based on Hobbies and Games…etc. Here are a few quick tips:

  • First and foremost, always consider the advice of the budding generation before decorating.
  • Cupboard with Notice board arrangement for children to remember their deadlines.
  • Children often require multi-functional and amazing storage furniture’s that fulfils your dear-one’s changing needs.
  • Avoid focussing on “theming decoration”, because it gives a “tedious look” often not appreciated by children.
  • Proper room lighting can work wonders!!

Kids Bedroom Design

Designing bedroom for your “Little Munch kin” is strenuous!! It’s always quite a challenge to cope with the persistent cleanliness & hygiene which also needs to be maintained.

  • A simple room decorating idea includes pink, aqua blue and light purple colours. It’s often the easiest way out!!
  • Storage drawers, cupboard with deep space, along with other deep running drawers under the bunk-bed are a must.
  • Always maintain your Kids favourite cartoon characters & toys inside the room, because kids always love having their best friends around!!

Baby Boy Room Ideas

  • Hanging letters that spell your kids name is one of the best room decorating ideas
  • Add cluster of frames and geometrical figures to beautify the flat walls of room.
  • Never forget to include “sky blue colour” in the room palette. Remember the phrase – “Boys love sky blue while girls love pink”.

Decoration is a way to let your imagination run wild and achieve its potential in a quest to beautify your homes and surroundings. Though using expensive items do impart beauty to our homes, care must be taken not to use asbestos, fine discrete fabrics or certain paints which create indoor pollutants. These indoor pollutants damage our respiratory systems & eyes etc. Their effects are generally chronic in nature and not noticeable until it proves fatal.


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