Advice For Decorating Your Child’s Bedroom

When it comes to decorating your child’s bedroom, it can be tempting to dive straight in and run around your nearest IKEA grabbing every cute little item you see, but with decorating a bedroom a bit of restraint and careful planning can make a world of difference to the end result.

By all means, still pick up a few cute bits for the room, but if you want your child’s bedroom set up in a way that is beneficial for them, read on and discover our top tips for decorating a child’s bedroom!

Keep The Décor Simple

When it comes to kid friendly décor, often more is less, while you may want to create a Pinterest perfect space for your little one, children don’t always appreciate décor the same way us adults do. So, keep things simple and keep accessories and furnishings to a minimum, then as your child grows up you can add in more age-appropriate décor pieces as they grow.

Set The Room Up For Day & Night

A common decorating mistake is gearing the room up primarily for sleep, which is important, but sometimes it comes at a detriment to the room’s usability during the day. If you want to encourage independent play, you should ensure that the room works just as well in the day as it does at night, the big factor here is lighting, so consider things like additional lamps or double blinds to ensure you can keep the room lit during the day and dark at night.

Make Sure To Leave Play Space

As we previously mentioned, by carefully decorating the room, you can encourage your little one to engage in independent play in the bedroom. To properly encourage play, you should leave plenty of open space in their bedroom so they can freely play. If the bedroom is quite small you can open up extra floor space with a bunk bed.

Avoid Mess With Extra Storage

As a parent, you’ve likely noticed that your little one can be a messy monster when they put their minds to it, especially when playing with multiple toys. Luckily, you can help reduce how much mess your child generates by including extra storage in their bedroom, this will mean you have a lot more space to store toys, which means they’re easier to clean up and you can keep more toys hidden away when not in use. Under bed storage, hangers on rails, storage seating and toy crates are great child friendly solutions for this.

Make Use Of Different Textures

When decorating for children, it’s easy to focus a lot on colour, bright colours are enjoyable and eye-catching, but colours only stimulate one sense and children will want their other senses stimulated. A great way to add extra stimulation to their bedroom, is by using different textures, which will also add different sensations for them. Using different materials like shag, silk, linen and cotton across a room will add a host of lovely textures for your little one to engage with.


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