Brain Games and Activities To Improve Your Memory In a Fun Way

Ways to Improve Your Memory At Any Age

Brain games, at any age, can be beneficial when improving your cognitive function and can aid in improving your memory skills. Studies have shown that daily brain “training” can improve your memory over time.

There are many resources available that can aid you in creating a daily brain “training” routine that will benefit your cognitive function and memory. Online games, apps, board games, and puzzle games can be vital to improving memory skills while improving brain function simultaneously.

This is called neuroplasticity which is the brain’s ability to rewire and make connections in response to learning something new and the stimulation that follows. 

Benefits of Including Brain Games in Your Daily Routine

Neuroplasticity is a process that is constantly happening within the brain to keep your mind active over time. It can help to preserve old memories and store newly learned knowledge as you get older and these tasks become more difficult. This defends the brain against neurodegeneration which is the main culprit that leads to Alzheimer’s, Dementia, or Parkinson’s disease in older age groups.

Newer studies have also proven that brain games and brain “training” can benefit children with ADHD and improve their control and cognitive function in their behaviors. It can improve problem-solving skills, memory, and concentration in younger age groups as well.

Challenging your brain with something new daily has been proven to aid in cognitive function as well as improved memory, in the short and long term. It can also help with your overall attentiveness and reasoning skills as well. The science behind the benefits of brain games and brain “training” proves that it is an inclusive activity that can be beneficial to all age groups.

Online Games That Help Improve Your Memory

When including brain games into a part of your daily routine, there are many websites that offer short, fun, and most importantly beneficial games that can aid in your cognitive function and improvement of your memory.

These games are proven to help with memory skills and are a fun way to incorporate brain “training” into your daily life. Many online brain games can be played on a laptop, desktop, or even on mobile versions that can be easily accessed within the palm of your hand.

  • Tricky Cups

This game is classified as a brain teaser, testing focus, and concentration skills.

  • Memory Fruit

This is a matching card game that can help with memory and concentration.

  • Track the Balls

Also known as a “brain teaser” this game can help improve concentration skills.

  • Balls and Boxes

This is a memory game, testing your eye and focusing on where the ball ends up.

Board Games To Improve Your Memory and Cognitive Skills

  • Scrabble

Not only is Scrabble beneficial when learning spelling and vocabulary but it can also aid in learning new cognitive and memory skills. Scrabble demands strategy and critical thinking, benefitting the player by allowing them to put these skills to the test.

  • Chess

This classic game can be beneficial to you for many reasons, including focus skills and how you pay attention. It can also aid in helping you learn abstract thinking when deciding where to move your piece to best win the game.

  • Sequence

This strategic game that uses cards can benefit you by improving teamwork skills, memory skills, and attentiveness.

  • Trivial Pursuit

A game of trivia and general knowledge that puts you to the test regarding subjects like history, literature, entertainment, science, geography, and sports. Playing this game can help you test your memory skills and you might even learn something new while playing as well. This is a fun game that can test your brain skills and is fun for any age group.

Puzzle Games To Improve Memory and Cognitive Skills

  • Sudoku

This is a widely known game that is beneficial in boosting your concentration, critical thinking skills, and improving your memory. The puzzles get harder and harder as you move through them and keep racking your brain and making it sharper with knowledge.

  • Crossword Puzzles

This classic word puzzle game is proven to aid you in learning new words and vocabulary you may not have known prior. It also can help improve your mental health, and relieve stress when solving these puzzles in your downtime.

  • Jigsaw Puzzles

The benefits of doing a jigsaw puzzle can be improved memory, a greater sense of reasoning, and the ability to pay close attention to detail. These skills are important for the mind to practice daily and to keep fresh.

You can solve jigsaw puzzles online. Online jigsaw puzzles sites offer thousands of jigsaw puzzles organized by topic. You can play them again and again too, to test your memory. When you want a memory challenge, you can increase the number of jigsaw pieces.

  • Word Searches

Word searches can help you in expanding your vocabulary by learning new words and their spelling as you search for them in a mix of letters. This game can also improve your skills in paying attention to detail and focusing, while also improving your mental health and relieving stress at the same time.

Staying Sharp

At any age, brain games can be a beneficial addition to your daily routine.

Improving your concentration, memory, problem-solving, and focus skills are all things that will continue to keep your brain young, even as you age. This is something that is going to assist in preventing neurodegeneration from affecting you in your later years.

Starting a routine of daily brain games or brain “training” will assist you in improving your memory and cognitive skills over time. It is something you must stick with and challenge yourself with daily. But it can have such a positive outcome for you if you chose to add it into your daily routine.


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