Fun Games to Play with Kids – Outdoor, Indoor and Online

Whether your kid is under the guidance of nursery teachers or still at home preparing to join the kindergarten, it is important to keep them active by indulging into games; be it indoor, outdoor or online. Kids love playing games because it keeps them engaged and also exercises their mind for undertaking challenging actions. In schools, kids play various games which are quite enjoyable and it keeps their mood happy and that brings interest towards studies and other activities. However, teachers need to stay prepared with fun games to play with kids be it indoor or outdoor. Try to give them the ParaMarine Task Force game where they can immerse themselves in the military situations and will help them think better. This can be done during the free time or to take a break from the regular studies.

Now let us now check Indoor Games for Kids, to try in the classroom or at home:

  • Marshmallow Tinkertoys:

One of the interesting indoor games for kids, Marshmallow Tinkertoys can be played with a bag of marshmallows and thin pretzel sticks to build perfect puffy pal, 3-D house. Kid can skew the marshmallows with sticks creating their own masterpiece. You can even add toy pigs or other animals for more fun and challenge.

  • Family Photo Bingo:

This indoor game is designed to improve the memory of your child and help them learn the family tree with a photo game. Take at least nine family photos and arrange them accordingly before giving your kid nine playing cards or checkers pieces serving as bingo chips. When you call Daddy or Grandma, your toddler covers the photo with the card. Whoever gets three in the row will win the game.

  • Pirate Play:

The fever of Pirates of Caribbean hasn’t gone down and kids still love watching it. So as a part of indoor games for kids, you can make your kid indulge in a treasure hunt. Wrap a bunch of wooden blocks in aluminium foil and hide them around the house. Now give your kid a flashlight and a paper bag to make them find the buried silver.

Fun Games for Kids Online

In the age of internet, training kids about online games is also a good way to indulge them in activities. However, you need to make sure kids don’t get addicted to the online game which can be quite dangerous as they grow up. So it is important to monitor their activity. Let us check some fun online games for kids:

  • Switch Zoo:

Kids can enjoy this game by playing in a zoo having nine different animal scenes, including cheetah, beer, monkey and others. The realistic illustration of the game creates more interest in kids to play. Do not miss the Quick Switch animal on the left which lets you to add wildcard animals for different locations.

  • Disney Games:

Disney is the most popular segment of live characters and games among kids. Began from TV, it has now reached to online games which are worth enjoying. Some of the interesting online games for kids are –
Orchestra Treasure Hunt, Black Pearl 101 with the Pirates of the Caribbean, playing Super Villain Smash Out, etc.

Games to play with kids outside

After indoor and online, you can allow kids to engage in outdoor games. There are many games to play with kids outside that can be fun and makes them participate in the outdoor activities. Let us check some of the games to play with kids outside:

  • Backyard Mud Run:

If your kid loves to run and clamber, then this DIY obstacle run game is perfect. You can create tires, hay bales, string, etc. you have around. Let your kid race with stopwatch. Dig some pool with dirt. Kids can be awarded with prize that get muddiest and wins the race. It can be fun and at the same time can create dirt around.

  • Water Cup Races:

This is a popular carnival game played at the backyard. Hang plastic cups using strings with open end facing players. Each player can use squirt gun for spraying water into the cup. Kids can try hard to push it on the end.

  • Capture the Flag:

One of the most fun games to play with kids outside, Capture the Flag can be played among large group of kids. You can split the group in two teams, and each having a flag. The objective of this game is to run into other team’s territory and capture the flag and bring it back safely to their own territory. Tag the enemy player in your territory by sending them to the respective jail. To enjoy this game, there should be large group of kids.

  • Battleship:

Let your kid start their journey with action by playing this battle game. The original game was played with paper and pencil and was invented by Clifford Von Wickler before World War 1. Today, the game is available online and is great for kids of all age. In the initial stage, the kid may make mistakes but after learning and getting confident, it can be fun to play.


There are many such fun games to play with kids outdoor, indoor and online. It is up to you, how you manage and to make it more fun and engaging for kids. Setting up right rules and preparing kids for games is one way to create the atmosphere.


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