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Entertain Kids in Creative Way

Kids Activities

As lockdown has entered into four months of crippling the usual day-to-day activities, people are finding it exceedingly difficult to bring forth ways for making themselves entertained. Whereas keeping the little ones busy and entertained at the same time with their endless supply of directionless energy is an exponentially tricky task.

If your job is of that kind that enables you to work from home, you need to figure things out to complete the assigned tasks and keep the kids out of the way at the same time, which in any household is anything but easy.  

If you have already found out ways to entertain the kids in creative ways – my heartiest congratulation to you, you can stop reading right now and go back to what you have been doing. Or you can keep reading if you want to compare notes or want to strengthen your arsenal for future applications.

The rest of us, I am afraid, might not be so lucky as you are. That’s why I did a little research and found a few ways to entertain the kids in ways that are creative, not destructive for the house, require a short time to set up, and need little or sometimes no money.

So, before going into full-on panic mode because your kids are running hysterically around the house and destroying everything in their wake, calm yourself by taking a deep breath and thinking about putting the following creative ideas together in your household to entertain the kids in creative ways:

Coloring Pages:

The most obvious, most comfortable, and cheapest way to entertain kids is the use of coloring pages. With the fear of sounding too much of an accountant, let me tell you this – as far as the costs are concerned, you would incur only the fee of printing-papers.

The point is, you only need to download the pages, and you are all set. There is a sea of available ideas on the internet to print, but for my two kids – I always prefer Peppa Coloring Pages. Their collection of Peppa the Pig comprises more than 40 pages of every kid’s favorite pig Peppa and every one of her friends and all her family members. Just give the kids a set of crayons, and you are set for long hours. You can be a little innovative and pursue your kid to choose one pig for a day and color it with different colors. And let them know that the best one will get a prize at the end of each coloring session. You just need a few copies of the same pig.

But if your kids are not interested in the rest of the world’s favorite pigs, you can go for their favorite characters from TV, cartoons or computer games. And you also can get all the superheroes with minions, star wars, paw patrol, Winnie the Pooh, etc. All of those and with many more items like animals, birds, fruits, insects, and everyone’s favorite animal dinosaurs, etc., all are available in Printable coloring pages.

Not only kids love most of them; some of them consist of extraordinary educational value. And they are free.

Re-Cycle What You Are about Throw Out:

Here I am only giving you an idea about how to re-use just one item – the tubes of cardboard that holds the toilet papers. Believe it or not, it is a fantastic thing if you know how to use them. Think about the things that have a resemblance with a tube of cardboard. The list is endless, but to get the kids started, point them out to the trunk of an elephant. My kid’s favorite thing is the binoculars, though, a rather long one without the attachment of any sort with each other.

But if you consider yourself a perfectionist, visit the web. It is full of ideas for spending a substantial amount of time. I would suggest letting the kids decide for themselves. Provide some kids-friendly items like specially-made scissors for the kids, highlighting markers, glue, etc., and take a step back. Take my word for it – your kids will spring up something that nobody has ever thought before, and ‘nobody’ includes the internet as well.

So, find some other objects that pose no harm to the kids and watch them lose themselves in blissful fun.

Let Your Kid Be A Creator Of Beautiful Things:

You just need to spend a few dollars to get a set of pipe cleaners of various colors. But they are safe, reusable, easy to be stored and easy to clean up.

What to make with them? Well, your kids only are limited by their imagination. But if you want some organization, YouTube can be your best pal. Once you learn something and show it to your kids, you are pretty much done. Your kid will take it from there, and you are sure to be amazed in the end. Sometimes there won’t be anything to show off, but please remember, getting entertained through trying is the goal here, not the end product.

Creating Murals Aren’t That Hard:

Don’t let the heading make you confused. Creating a mural may be a bit hard, but not the ones which your kids are going to make.

What do you need to make your kid a Muralist – a mere wall that can be reached by your kids and crayons or pencil crayons? Yes, that’s all you need. Before starting all the artistic things, a silly preparation you need to complete – cover that wall with papers.

You are all set now. Watch the inner Donatello break out and be the witness of breathtaking arts. Or you might attend that zoom meeting with the clients for which you prepared yourself the night before.

A Party for the Fancy-Dressers:

You don’t need fancy dresses to be a part of a fancy-dressed party. Get some old clothes from the back of the wardrobe, which May or may not is waiting to get thrown out. Hand them over to your kids and tell them about the party you are going to have. That’s pretty much everything you need to do.

Let me enrich your ‘kid-knowledge’ with a secret – pretty much every kid loves to pretend to be mommy or daddy. So, when you give them your old clothing, the first thing they would do is to try them on and enact your mannerisms so weirdly you can’t stop laughing. And if you have more than one child, you might be in for an impromptu fashion event in your own home.

Mold with Creativity:

To make playdough, you need flour, salt, water, oil, and other sticky things that you can get your hands on. Or you can spend 15-20 dollars and get it from the stores. It is more fun to involve your kids in making the dough at home but be prepared to clean up the mess afterward.

When you have the finished product – homemade or bought from the store – let your kid deal with it. Before you know it, the day will be finished.

The above are my favorite methods to entertain my three kids. The internet is full of ideas to entertain your kids in creative ways. Some of them are easily applicable, safe, cheap, educational, and creative, all at the same time. Some might not be so much worth applying, for different reasons like health and safety issues, personal preferences, cost, difficulty in application, etc. Have a look at the following list I’ve complied:

  • Plant Flowers
  • Create A Racetrack
  • Indoor Camping
  • Build a Fort
  • Paper-Chain People
  • Paper Airplane Contest
  • Cleaning Competition
  • Chalk It Up
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Make Wooden Spoon Puppets
  • Stage A Historical Re-Enactment
  • Create Plastic Bottle-Rockets
  • Toy Wash
  • Bean Bag Target Toss
  • Rubbing Art
  • Magic Carpet Ride

Parenting is decidedly harsh, so you should get all the help you can get. I can only hope that the above ideas can entertain your kids in creative ways.  

Top Activities for Kids in Quarantine Time

Top Activities for Kids in Quarantine Time

Every crisis has an opportunity inherent in it. So does the compulsory quarantine and home isolation policy during COVID-19. One could see it as curse and go through a hellish time, or see it as a blessing in disguise to spend some quality time with family. For those who choose the latter option, here are some tips that will make your time with kids memorable for years to come. Make no mistake: spending day after day cooped up within four walls is no joke, but with these activities we suggest, it is still doable with joy.

1. Reading

Yes, this is the number one activity that is enjoyable and profitable at the same time. There are many parents who complain that their kids do not like to read. The fact of the matter is that if parents read, children also will read sooner or later. There are many ways to get hold of good books. If your local library is closed, you can still borrow e-books or audio books through online systems that can be downloaded to your smartphone. Moreover there are animated stories and e-books available online for children.

2. Cooking

Most kids love cooking. Home isolation is an ideal time to let kids try out simple recipes for the family, under parental supervision. Baking, with its promise of flavorful aromas filling the house, has special appeal for kids and there are plenty of kid-friendly recipes available. It will be a great family bonding experience if all members of the family get together and create one special dish per day. Besides teaching kids an essential skill for life, cooking together will promote the value of home-cooked food, which may linger even after these troubled times.

3. Family movie nights

Family movie nights are another great way for bonding and fun. With movie theatres out of bounds due to social distancing, your mini-screen provides the nearest experience. This is an ideal time to make sure that you have watched all time classic Family movies. Don’t forget to get your bag of popcorn for the night!

4. Family game time

You never get too old for some board games such as Scrabbles, Monopoly, Game of life or Chinese checkers. Lazy Sunday afternoons are perfect for such games. If not board games, a simple game of cards should provide the family a couple of hours of fun and bonding.

5. School time

In many parts of the world where there is a lock down, schools operate online. However, if you live in a place where online learning is not feasible, do not let your children’s education suffer. You can homeschool your kids, and there are great resources available, tailored for homeschooling. The syllabuses available for homeschooling and their resources are so varied and numerous that no parent will be left wondering whether they are suitably qualified to teach their children or not.

6. Spend time with friends and family online

A home isolation time can prove to be really lonely, and kids will long to be with their friends every single day. Even though it is a poor substitute, video calling is a useful ally at this time. You can choose from different options such as FaceTime, Skype or Zoom. A certain amount of socializing is necessary at this time, to prevent family members sinking into loneliness and depression, out of touch with friends and extended family. What’s more, it gives you the feeling of togetherness in tough times.

7. Cleaning

It may sound very much like the chore it is, but cleaning is definitely one of the activities for your home isolation time. There may be furniture that needs dusting, clothes that need sorting out, and children’s toys that need to be washed. The family can divide the tasks among its members, making sure that they are age-appropriate. Cleaning can be a boring task, but the results are often very satisfying.

8. Gardening

Fortunate families who have an outdoor garden can spruce up their flowering plants and vegetables during this isolation time, tending to them with the extra time at hand. Gardening is a great hobby to cultivate both for adults and children, and your plants bearing flowers or fruits gives you a sense of accomplishment that few other activities do.

9. Journaling

COVID-19 is a major event in the history of the human race as it has resulted in the loss of lives like no other natural disaster has in recent times, and plunged the economies of affected nations into a dark future. We need to have enough sense of history to realize that these are extraordinary times indeed, and are worthy enough to be recorded. Families can record their feelings, uncertainties and simple joys while undergoing quarantine or isolation during COVID-19. Such journaling will keep memories fresh and give an outlet to feelings of frustration that isolations gives rise to. Kids also can take part in journaling by drawing, and writing simple words and sentences.

5 Tips to Make your Kids Active and Healthy

playing-kidsHow to make kids active? This is one of the most intimidating problems faced by many parents. There are so many excuses and elements that make the children lazy or make them potato couch. Staying active is the key element for good health. Active children prevent themselves from developing mood disorders, poor functions of body organs, stress, etc and vice versa. Continue reading 5 Tips to Make your Kids Active and Healthy