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8 Exhilarating Stress-Free Activities To Do With Kids

Anyone who is a parent knows raising children is not just a full-time job, but one of the most challenging periods of their lives. When children are very young, they are naturally curious, energetic, and playful. They can also be demanding and need supervision at all times, which can mentally drain a parent in no time. Combat the stresses of parenthood with these stress-busting activities to do with your children.

1. Watch a Movie

Movies are a wonderful way to connect with others. Pop some popcorn, set up your home theater, and take some CBD oil if you have some to stay calm while you and your children watch a fun movie. For best results, choose a film that’s suitable for all ages and will keep your children active, awake, and engaged.

2. Visit the Park

Parks are wonderful places that offer many fun activities for free to people of all ages. Some parks will have expansive playgrounds for children to play in and for adults to engage their inner child. Pet-friendly parks provide copious amounts of fun for the entire family; furry friends included. Have a picnic at the park when the weather is clear and enjoy some delicious food while people-watching.

3. Host Storytime for Your Kids

Get your kids hooked on the joy of reading by starting them early. One way to accomplish this is to gather them around and read a story out loud. Choose a popular book you know they’ll love and show the illustrations and words as you read to them. Branch out by using different voices, props, and games after reading.

4. Make Art

Art is one of the best activities for children as it allows them to express themselves freely and creatively. They’ll also be engaging in play as they experiment with different mediums and create new things. Join your kids in the fun next time they’re working on the next fine art masterpiece. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty working with paints, clays, crayons, and other artistic tools.

5. Have a Dance Party

A dance party with your family is a certified stress-buster that’s fun for everyone. Find a playlist of energetic tunes and turn up the volume to get everyone out on the dance floor—the dance floor being your living room. The music doesn’t have to be just children’s music; any music will do as long as it’s appropriate for all ages.

6. Hit the Beach

The beach is another natural area that offers plenty of fun in the sun for everyone. Have a swim by the shore with your kids and teach them about swimming. Build sandcastles of various sizes and watch them get knocked over by the waves. While your kids play nearby, you can lay back and read a book or relax under the sun; just remember to wear sunscreen.

7. Bake

What’s more entertaining than making food and eating your creation after? Baking will provide just that for your family: learning how to work in the kitchen and having fun while doing so. Gather your children around and teach them how to operate the oven (with adult supervision, of course), prepare ingredients, and get to work creating a batch of cookies, brownies, and other sweet treats. The results will be the best payoff as they indulge in their sugar craving.

8. Play a Game

Games are among the best ways to get your kids to engage in play. Fun is guaranteed, but what’s also guaranteed are the skills your kids will learn, such as waiting their turn and following rules. Take them outdoors to play a game of four square, or stay inside and play a board game. It won’t matter who wins; what matters is that everyone’s having a great time. The stresses of parenting can take a toll on parents of any background. Next time you want to relieve stress while managing parenthood, try any of these activities with your kids.


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