5 Fun Garden Activities For Kids That You Can Do Inside

With the weather getting colder, it is becoming harder to be outside, so it can be difficult to come up with garden activities that kids can do inside. Exploring the world around them is something a lot of children enjoy doing, so being told that they can’t go outside because it is too cold can be a bit upsetting. In this article, there are five different garden activities that your kids can do inside.

1.  Using Grow Lights

If you and your kids are growing your own herb garden or plants to decorate your home, it might be an idea to invest in growing lights to help you. The use of grow lights will help to support the plants to grow healthily even if they are inside. They are very useful in maintaining the correct environment within your home as they are able to imitate sunlight should you not be getting enough inside and also help with keeping the plants warm enough. You can also use them to explain the importance of sunlight for things to grow to your kids while setting up, which will help them to learn at the same time as doing something fun.

2.  Using Nature in Their Artwork

If you are looking for a garden activity that your kids can do inside, why not start with an arts and crafts project? Send the children out to collect items from the garden or a park that they can carry and think they can incorporate in their artwork. It could be that they pick up leaves, pinecones, or stones, all of which can be used in different ways when using your imagination. For example, they can be used as stamps, where you paint them and then press them against the page to get a pattern, or you could make them the artwork by painting directly onto them or winding string around the pinecone in a similar way to tinsel on a Christmas tree.

3.  Create a Terrarium

A terrarium is a great and inexpensive way to allow your children to have their own gardens inside. You don’t need to buy a special container, simply find an enclosed container that you aren’t using that can be repurposed, such as an empty jar or bottle. Once you have the container all that is really needed is some soil, rocks, and seeds. When choosing what to grow make sure that they don’t need a different environment from what you can provide them.

4.  Regrowing Vegetable Leftovers

There can be an astonishing amount of waste when cooking, so why not minimize your waist and show your child how it can sometimes be repurposed. If you have some vegetable remains that are on their way to the bin, or perhaps some seeds from an apple core, you can plant them and watch as you grow your own. By doing this not only are you teaching your kids to minimize the waste that they are creating, but they are also learning where their food comes from and the work that goes into providing it for them.

5.  Create a Fairy Garden

If you are looking for an indoor garden activity that will get your kids’ imaginations flowing then this is the way for you. In a similar fashion to the terrarium, it is a way to allow the garden to be brought inside, but with a fairy garden, you are also allowing them to design it with fantasy elements. You can pick out seeds that will grow small flowers, place moss around the garden, and have little props for the fairy to use, such as toadstools, a house, and in some cases a little bridge.

Final Words

Whether you are looking for a garden activity that is both fun and educational, or an activity that will bring them entertainment for hours on end there are several that you can do with your kids inside. You can bring their imaginations to life with a fairy garden, allow them to see how things grow by potting house plants or regrowing their vegetables, or create their own little indoor garden. Whichever they choose to do, there is something that will interest everyone.


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