10 Fun Activities To Do With Your Kids At Home

Do you ever find yourself stuck at home with your kids with no idea of the fun things you can do together? Worry no more. Here is a list of ten fun things you can do and have some quality time with your children.

1. Indoor Treasure Hunt

You can hide something at a certain place in your house. Make this hidden item the treasure, then create a map that leads to it. This map should have stages that give clues on how to proceed to the next location till the final destination is achieved. Explain this map to your children and the ground rules to make it an interesting hunt. This activity enhances their ability to think and decipher hidden meanings on the clues provided and instills the virtue of completing a task independently or working as a team.

2. Build a Fort

Building an indoor fort with common household items is a physical activity that will keep you and your kids occupied for hours. Set up a supporting frame, drape sheets and blankets over it to accommodate, and add some coziness using other household items. Building a fort helps stimulate brain development and enhance your kids’ reasoning, problem-solving skills, and creativity.

3. Start a Garden

It does not harm to instill farming skills in your kids. If you have a backyard or balcony with enough space, you can plan and prepare a garden to grow flowers and vegetables. We all know the advantages a backyard garden can bring to your family, such as low cost, healthy and organic vegetables that give you the chance to deal with health-related issues. Starting a garden with your kids and taking care of the flowers or vegetables will help make them responsible.

4. Science Experiments

Science and technology are an ingredient to our daily lives. Doing scientific projects and experiments with your kids helps make them resourceful and develop problem-solving. There are quite many experiments you can try at home with your children. For example, you can do a melting ice experiment, fizzing colors, or the famous rainbow milk experiment. Your kids will love any engaging experiment to do with them. Science is fun for everyone!

5. Cook Together

After all the activities you might participate in, you must feed your kids and the whole family. Working on a recipe with your kids and preparing that meal together is viable. Pick a meal that the kids will love to participate in preparing; this will make the experience tastier. You can prepare snacks such as delicious banana chocolate chip muffins, which have a simple recipe, and take a short time to prepare. Cooking together with your kids can instill confidence and healthy eating habits in them.

6. Play Games Together

There is a wide variety of games you can play with your children, for example, card games, board games, and art games. The power of play helps improve behavioral and emotional aspects of your children, promote fitness and improve literacy. Engaging your children in games will help make your time with them more interesting. If you are out of ideas, hide and seek is a better option.

7. Complete a Puzzle

You or your kids can come up with a puzzle to complete. You can also pick a puzzle from the store and engage your children in solving it. A good puzzle will not only help enlighten your time together, but it will also help improve their creativity and problem-solving aspects. Brain development is part of growth, and puzzles will help you achieve this for your kids.

8. Indoor Bowling

Bring that bowling alley mood to your home. With the help of water bottles lined up at the end of your living room, you can easily create an indoor bowling setup. To make the experience better, you can record the scores and give trophies at the end of the game.

9. Make a Holiday Tree

This activity is a good option for any holiday throughout the year. Set time off a busy holiday and create a simple holiday tree with your kids. With a supply of paper cupcake liners, tape, and a sheet of Bristol board, you can create a holiday tree papercraft and make some decorations. This activity will help set a holiday mood and enhance creativity in your children.

10. Watch the Clouds

Lie down with your children in your backyard and gaze at the clouds. Point out and show some of the cloud patterns you can see and comment on how beautiful the clouds look. This observation will trigger creativity in your kid, and they will start pointing our patterns as well. This experience is a relaxing way of providing creativity lessons to the kids.


With these activities, you will keep your children off the glowing light electronic gadgets and spend quality time that will enhance your closeness with them.


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