Top Activities for Kids in Quarantine Time

Every crisis has an opportunity inherent in it. So does the compulsory quarantine and home isolation policy during COVID-19. One could see it as curse and go through a hellish time, or see it as a blessing in disguise to spend some quality time with family. For those who choose the latter option, here are some tips that will make your time with kids memorable for years to come. Make no mistake: spending day after day cooped up within four walls is no joke, but with these activities we suggest, it is still doable with joy.

1. Reading

Yes, this is the number one activity that is enjoyable and profitable at the same time. There are many parents who complain that their kids do not like to read. The fact of the matter is that if parents read, children also will read sooner or later. There are many ways to get hold of good books. If your local library is closed, you can still borrow e-books or audio books through online systems that can be downloaded to your smartphone. Moreover there are animated stories and e-books available online for children.

2. Cooking

Most kids love cooking. Home isolation is an ideal time to let kids try out simple recipes for the family, under parental supervision. Baking, with its promise of flavorful aromas filling the house, has special appeal for kids and there are plenty of kid-friendly recipes available. It will be a great family bonding experience if all members of the family get together and create one special dish per day. Besides teaching kids an essential skill for life, cooking together will promote the value of home-cooked food, which may linger even after these troubled times.

3. Family movie nights

Family movie nights are another great way for bonding and fun. With movie theatres out of bounds due to social distancing, your mini-screen provides the nearest experience. This is an ideal time to make sure that you have watched all time classic Family movies. Don’t forget to get your bag of popcorn for the night!

4. Family game time

You never get too old for some board games such as Scrabbles, Monopoly, Game of life or Chinese checkers. Lazy Sunday afternoons are perfect for such games. If not board games, a simple game of cards should provide the family a couple of hours of fun and bonding.

5. School time

In many parts of the world where there is a lock down, schools operate online. However, if you live in a place where online learning is not feasible, do not let your children’s education suffer. You can homeschool your kids, and there are great resources available, tailored for homeschooling. The syllabuses available for homeschooling and their resources are so varied and numerous that no parent will be left wondering whether they are suitably qualified to teach their children or not.

6. Spend time with friends and family online

A home isolation time can prove to be really lonely, and kids will long to be with their friends every single day. Even though it is a poor substitute, video calling is a useful ally at this time. You can choose from different options such as FaceTime, Skype or Zoom. A certain amount of socializing is necessary at this time, to prevent family members sinking into loneliness and depression, out of touch with friends and extended family. What’s more, it gives you the feeling of togetherness in tough times.

7. Cleaning

It may sound very much like the chore it is, but cleaning is definitely one of the activities for your home isolation time. There may be furniture that needs dusting, clothes that need sorting out, and children’s toys that need to be washed. The family can divide the tasks among its members, making sure that they are age-appropriate. Cleaning can be a boring task, but the results are often very satisfying.

8. Gardening

Fortunate families who have an outdoor garden can spruce up their flowering plants and vegetables during this isolation time, tending to them with the extra time at hand. Gardening is a great hobby to cultivate both for adults and children, and your plants bearing flowers or fruits gives you a sense of accomplishment that few other activities do.

9. Journaling

COVID-19 is a major event in the history of the human race as it has resulted in the loss of lives like no other natural disaster has in recent times, and plunged the economies of affected nations into a dark future. We need to have enough sense of history to realize that these are extraordinary times indeed, and are worthy enough to be recorded. Families can record their feelings, uncertainties and simple joys while undergoing quarantine or isolation during COVID-19. Such journaling will keep memories fresh and give an outlet to feelings of frustration that isolations gives rise to. Kids also can take part in journaling by drawing, and writing simple words and sentences.


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