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Best and Must-See Movies for Kids

We all know that all over the world, movies are one of the basic sources of entertainment for kids. They are certainly bring leisure time for kids as well as help them learn how to behave, react to fellow beings etc. Now-a-days lot many movies are produced all over the world specially focusing kids. This section of Kids World Funs post deals with a best and must-see movies for kids, which go out of the box and teach values,  make them laugh and  think, explore, develop new ideas and lot.


HOME ALONE is the story of an 8-year-old mischievous middle child who feels largely ignored by his large extended family. On a Christmas vacation trip, his family mistakenly leaves him at home. Meanwhile, a pair of burglar takes advantage of the situation by pillaging the neighborhood. It’s up to the kid to defend his home, using every prank in his well-stocked arsenal. With violent slapstick episodes he ensures his successful foiling of the bad guys’ plans.

A good family film that both kids and adults will enjoy. It will stand out among the usual holiday movie fare.


An animated feature with stretches of near silence, a deeply intellectual and ecological bent and a robot with relatively few bells and whistles to be profoundly moving and thought-provoking, yet still entertaining.

A brainy, charming, eco-friendly animated adventure.


The film is a visual feast but above all it’s an epic journey filled with adventure and discovery that encompasses the grandest sweep of ocean vastness and the smallest longing of the heart.

Strength of the movie is the way it handles Nemo’s disability and the best of all is the way it addresses questions that are at the heart of the parent-child relationship, giving everyone in the audience something to relate to and learn from.

Families can talk about how parents have to balance their wish to protect their children from being hurt with the need to let them grow up and learn how to take care of themselves.


The movie E T-THE EXTRA TERRESTRIAL is the story of a young boy named Elliott discovers an extraterrestrial that had been left behind by his fellow aliens hiding near his house. After he brings E.T. home, it becomes clear that E.T. can’t survive in Earth’s atmosphere and must return to his home planet. While hiding E.T, Elliott develops a close friendship and a connection that binds them to each other. With the help of Elliott, his siblings, and their pals, E.T. sends a rescue message to his planet, but Elliott all of a sudden finds himself facing government scientists who want to capture and study E.T. instead of allowing him to return home.


TOY STORY follows the adventures of the toys that belong to a boy named Andy. Although the dazzling technology is especially well suited to a story in which the major characters are made out of plastic, it’s the unpretentious imagination and energy of the people behind the story and the outstanding vocal performances that make the movie an instant classic. There’s plenty of cleverness throughout, and the story keeps moving at a great pace. There’s truly never a dull moment in these toys’ lives.


KUNG FU PANDA is a pleasure to watch and Po is the ideal animated incarnation with the perfect mix of irreverence and sincerity.

And there are definitely moments of brilliance: A training battle between Shifu and Po involving chopsticks and a lone dumpling will go down as one of the best in cartoon and maybe even in kung fu history.


Ice Age is a clever, funny, and touching story of an unlikely trio of animals who band together to return a human baby to his family.

The film has terrific energy, imagination, visual invention, and humor and it moves along very quickly.

The computer animation is truly magnificent. All ages will enjoy the facial expressions, body language and the performances of the ice age mammals, so vivid and so true that you may forget that they are pixels, not people.


The movie SHREK is a marvelous fairy tale, with a thrilling quest and a happily-ever-after ending. It has the great themes of enduring myths, about believing in yourself, being loved for the person you really are, and good triumphing over evil. It is also a delicious satire, tweaking all of our assumptions about ogres, princesses, rescues, and even fire-breathing dragons.

The computer animation is breathtaking, like nothing seen before it. The textures are stunning. The animation has wonderful warmth and depth and also has a great deal of character and wit. The facial expressions and body language are such a treat.


A story of a boy rescued from the outrageous neglect of his aunt and uncle, a young boy with a great destiny proves his worth while attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The series is a perfect mix of magic, adventure, suspense, action, friendship and Quid ditch. The Harry Potter movies do all that and more.


“The Chronicles of Narnia” is a fantasy adventure piece filled with wondrous creatures. Many of the scenes are simply gorgeous to watch and even breathtaking.

Apart from these very famous kids movies, there are various other options available for kids which are both less time consuming and equally entertaining like animated movies and funny videos for kids.


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