Six Reasons Why You Should Teach Your Child To Read Early

Six important reasons why all parents should teach their children to read early and some of the benefits that such students stand to gain as they pursue their future.

There is no doubt that writing and reading are two essential skills in students’ lives. It is vital to note that it is also a skill everyone needs in their childhood days. Different children have varying skills and abilities. Whereas some might take a short time to learn to read effectively, others might take longer. This is one of the reasons parents, teachers, and guardians should avoid comparing their children’s abilities with those of their colleagues. On that note, it isn’t possible to provide a precise time when a child should read flawlessly. However, researchers estimate that most children begin reading at approximately six to seven years.

Nevertheless, some children begin reading while they are three to five years. It is believed that when students start reading early, it usually gives them some sort of a headstart when they are joining the school. Parents should be reminded that every child is gifted differently, and hence, they should be given room to learn at their pace. In the current generation, most students are young parents. Whereas studying is not always a walk in the park, it is essential to note that parenting should not stop anyone from attaining their life desires. Once in a while, as a parent, you might have difficulty finding the right topic for your academic assignments. You can access persuasive essay topics. This article will discuss six reasons you should teach your child to read early.

It aids in the early development

When a child learns how to read effectively early, there are high chances that they will experience an early life development. Researchers believe that people learn quickly during the early years of their lives. This is because babies usually have approximately 200 billion active neurons or brain cells, which assists them in understanding things. Apparently, this is one of the reasons children can learn different languages quickly compared to adults. It is essential to note that with the correct form of stimulation, various cells can produce up to 20,000 branches and connections that could aid in storing information. The human brain forms and develops various intellectual abilities by producing the cells’ right stimulation. Research indicates that reading helps the brain develop faster, and hence, the earlier parents engage their children, the better their reading abilities will get.

It provides students with an academic head start

Unfortunately, the majority of the children in various parts of the world are usually unprepared to join kindergarten. Apparently, those children exposed to early literacy are reported to have a great academic advantage compared with their peers. It is essential to note that teaching reading skills to students and preparing them for kindergarten could be achieved effortlessly as well as informally through engaging toddlers in simple literacy activities daily. On the same note, the majority of the children are usually forced to adapt to a new environment when they begin schooling. In addition, there are academic expectations that they will learn how to read effectively within a short duration. Children who have mastered reading have less to worry about when they start schooling.

Learning to read early improves student’s concentration

News and research articles written by authors from various parts of the world indicate that approximately more than six million children in the US are diagnosed with ADHD, also known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. The condition stops children from attaining their full academic potential. Therefore, children suffering from the same illness end up unfocused and unable to focus for a long duration. If you are scared that your child might suffer from the condition, you might consider training your child how to read early. It is essential to note that preparing your child to read is a skill that can aid in managing attention spans and in ensuring that there is better concentration.

It aids in boosting student’s skills

It would be best to teach your child to read early because it boosts their imagination and creativity. On the same note, the child might take their language skills such as spelling and writing to the next level. In addition, the child can advance their oral communication skills, acquire richer vocabulary, and express their emotions freely. It is essential to note that teaching your child to read may also increase their confidence levels. The child can also enhance their social awareness skills and admit that they cannot be good at everything. In essence, teaching your child to read early will boost their skills.

It makes your child smarter

Parents should never forget that children are good observant of what they do. On the same note, children learn a lot from what they hear or see their parents doing. A good example is if you develop the habit of reading aloud books with exciting content to your child, soon, you will notice that their intelligence will grow. When your children listen to you reading, they will be able to understand complex sentences, develop powers of expression, access new information, build their general knowledge, and enhance their recalling skills. On the same note, it is important to note that reading enhances the development of vocabulary and new language, which is an accurate measure of intelligence.

Education creates a beautiful legacy within a short duration

Most people have probably known this: the requirements for training a child how to read are elementary and straightforward. For instance, as a parent or a teacher, you will need to create a reading routine where you will read aloud to your child. Secondly, you could create a game with fun and friendly personal contact and verbal interaction. If you practice doing this continuously for one to two years, the chances are high that you will raise your child’s reading and listening skills. As a parent or a teacher, you will have created a routine that will positively impact your child’s academic future. On the same note, you will feel great that you will have gifted your child reading skills, which might also be passed on to your children’s children.

In conclusion, there are numerous benefits to teaching your child to read early. Parents, teachers, and guardians can make the entire reading process less difficult for their children by creating a routine to read aloud books with essential life lessons. All in all, as much as parents should strive to bring the best out of their children’s abilities, they should also never forget that different individuals have varying learning abilities.


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