16 Surprising Facts About Child’s Brain Development

Childhood is a very important period as far as the brain development of your child is concerned. It has to be understood that the brain makes it connections with the majority of cells in an individual before he or she turns the age of 10. In this article, we will take a look at the various facts related to your child’s brain. Let us start with brain. As we all know, it is one of the highly refined organ in a human body and close to 100 billion neuron cells are believed to be present within an infant as soon as he or she takes birth. All of these cells are connected with each other through the process of sewing by brain which is also known as ‘Brain Wiring’. These neurons are important in helping the significant amount of learning a child is required to develop during their first year of life.

Let’s have a detailed look in to some of the amazing facts about a child’s brain that a majority of us might not be even aware of!

Fact 1

There are many cells that do not connect with each other unless and until at a later stage. However by the age of five, a majority of the brain wiring is already performed by the brain.

Fact 2

Communication the kids have with their parents matters a lot in enhancing the language portion of the brain. Based on the repetitive sensory experiences, brain would be able to successfully establish connection of the words with the experiences and objects.

Fact 3

Your child will have numerous nerve cell connections by the age of 2 or 3. The number is almost double the number of nerve cell connections that are available within an adult. The most important fact is that the way your child receives the learning experience from you determines which of your child’s cell connection will develop and which of them would no longer function.

Fact 4

Parental responses have a very important role in wiring the baby’s brain by being a pain reliever for them. In the first few weeks after birth, they would be experiencing loneliness, discomfort, fatigue and hunger. Here is when the importance of parental responses becomes vital.

Fact 5

The facial expressions of parents trigger the emotional expression in your child too. If you are happy, your child too imitates being happy. However if you are sad, the same will be imitated by the infant too.

Fact 6

During the time of birth, the brain of a human child has resemblance with the brains of apes and Neanderthals. However the brain development process takes place rapidly in a human baby reaching up to 60 percent of the brain development by the age of one.

Fact 7

A child can feel bored when their parents react almost 100 percent of the time they ask for something. Similarly it is desirable to use new words while speaking with them which they have not heard before. This will initiate the learning process in your child.

Fact 8

The brain is the fastest growing organ in a child during the first three years compared to any other parts of their body. Cerebellum which controls the movement of a child and which is a brain structure that is situated behind the brain is considered to be the fastest of all the brain structures to develop in a child.

Fact 9

Majority of the energy of a child goes to brain with almost 60 percent of the metabolic energy directed towards the brain. This is compared to just 25% of the metabolic energy consumed from an adult for the brain.

Fact 10

Brain of your baby is hardwired in such a way that they are able to recognize their mother’s scent. Smell and touch are the two essential factors that determine the bond between a mother and infant. This is made possible by the bonding hormone known as Oxytocin that helps embed a feeling of euphoria in humans.

Fact 11

If you find your baby crying whenever you try to leave them for going to work, then that means your baby has started to show growing signs of long-term memory development. Your baby will start showing these signs mostly after they have turned a minimum of 9 months old. This means they have developed a clear memory of his or her mother being there.

Fact 12

Do not expect your child to remember all those trips you made for making your child happy. This is because a kid before the age of 3 is likely not going to remember anything that has been done by parents to impress them. Even though such trips could result in a positive development for the child, still when it comes to memorizing, it is not going to happen.

Fact 13

When you see your kid closing their eyes using hand just to get some chocolates or cookies, they think their parents too cannot see them when they close their eyes. This is because they are not grown enough to think logically and instead they think from their own perspective on life.

Fact 14

Your baby after being born will be just having a blurred vision until your child reaches six months when his or her vision becomes a lot clearer. Therefore it is very important to get close to your kid to make them see you and also show them new things closely. This is because it helps them a lot in their visual development.

Fact 15

Your baby can smell what you also smell while your baby is inside your womb. The presence of amniotic fluid is what provides your baby the ability to smell while in the mother’s womb.

Fact 16

The taste buds that could sense salt would be developed only after your child turns four months old. Similarly the kidney also uses sodium only after a new-born baby has turned four months old. Salt is very important for the body.


These are some of the interesting facts that are sure to be of immense help for the knowledge of parents.

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