What Makes a Great Family Car?

Are you finally starting to work on expanding your family from two to three? Or maybe you have a new baby on the way to join your family? It doesn’t matter what awaits you and your partner in the future, one is for sure, if you want to have fun family drives and road trips, you need a good family car. So how do you choose the best one that will provide you with safety, comfort and great performance? Here are just some of the must-have features of a great family car to add to your list:

Ample Space

A family of three can get away with a small and compact car, but a family of five can’t. Before you start looking into any other features, consider the size of your family and compare it to the size of the car. Sometimes, even if you have one kid, when they start school, you’ll be driving around their friends as well. For a family with three kids or more, having a third row is a must—it’s going to take daily activities so much easier.

Safety Systems Of The Highest Class

Whenever you have your kids in the car, security should be your number one priority. Luckily, good family cars are equipped with safety systems like ABS and ESP, together with airbags that protect everyone in the car. If your kids are young, it’s important to look for cars with an Isofix fastening system for car seats (according to testing, Isofix makes car seats safer). The car should also have a good NCAP rating—look for at least 4 stars. For newer cars, you can also take into consideration features like a city break, traffic jam assist, as well as a 360-view camera that eliminates blind. It’s also smart to fight for the best quote for car insurance when insuring your family car. This will add another layer of protection to your family that you won’t regret. 

Large And Flat Boot

Luggage space is crucial for families because kids have unbelievably many things. However, the volume is not the only thing to pay attention to. It’s important to choose a car with a flat loading area because it allows better access and easier loading.

Commodities For Kids

For families, a car is not just a transportation means. It’s also a dining area, art studio and study space, and all of these activities require a folding table. These tables should ideally have cup holders and raised edges to prevent pens from rolling off and crumbs from getting on the floor. Having plenty of little storage spaces and storage nets is also crucial because it allows kids and parents to store useful things at arm’s reach.

Ample Entertainment

Car rides are usually fun for families, but sometimes, it all relies on entertainment to keep things from falling apart. A great solution to entertainment in cars is mounted screens that work with headphones (headphones are crucial if you want to stay sane after an hour of Baby Shark tune). Ample charging ports are also crucial to avoid fights for the outlet.

Easy Cleaning

Kids are messy and we know it, so it’s crucial to skip cars with white velvet seats and opt for good old leather that’s easy to just wipe with a wet cloth and let air dry. Some modern family vans have a built-in vacuum cleaner that’s great for picking up quick spills, but this is not standard equipment for vans, so you need to ask. And if you can invest in all-weather floor mats, don’t hesitate to add them to your purchase. These will save your carpet mats from getting stuffed with crushed chips and stuck in gum. Automatic doors, one-hand seat folding and trunk sensors are other features to look for that will make your life easier with kids, but the ones we mentioned above are a must for every family that likes to travel.


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