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Despicable Me 3

Despicable Me 3

This is the third chapter in the life of Gru, his adorable daughters and the minions that sets them embarking on a brand-new adventure. In this instalment of the series Gru joins hands with his brother Dru to defeat a villain named Balthazar Bratt, a former child actor, obsessed with the 1980s, who grows up to become a villain after his show is cancelled. The film encapsulates a new sense of wonder and surprise in its characters, the pointy-nosed Gru and the tiny yellow minions; perhaps the most famous characters in pop culture.

The story goes as follows. Former villain Gru and his wife Lucy are now members of the anti-villain league (AVL). They are all set to disrupt the evil schemes of Bratt who was a child actor but had transformed into a villain following some bottled up resentment. Gru manages to prevent Bratt from stealing the precious Dumont diamond but is unable to capture him. This incident is not taken lightly by the new director of AVL, Valerie Da Vinci who unreasonably demands Gru to be taken off the rolls of AVL.

When the dejected couple, Gru and Lucy return home, they inform their children- Margo, Edith and Agnes of the developments and reassure them they would find new jobs. Most of the minions leave Gru’s side as well when they hear that Gru is never to return to villainy. They don’t consider his past achievements of having frozen Dr Nefario in carbonite. All, except Dave and Jerry who are caught unaware of the situation. Meanwhile, Lucy struggles to be the perfect mother to her new children.

The next morning, when a butler named Fritz arrives at their doorstep, Gru learns that he has a brother named Dru who lives in a faraway country- Freedonia and who longs to meet him. Gru is shocked with his information and immediately confronts his mother. His mother informs him that she and her father had agreed to raise one son each when they got divorced and had vowed never to see each other again. Gru’s family decides to visit Dru and are surprised to see his immense wealth which he owes to the pig farm business. Parallelly, Bratt manages to steal the Dumont Diamond and threatens to use it to create a giant robot and to destroy Hollywood in his past vengeance. Also, the minions are arrested for trespassing a talent show.

Dru reveals to Gru that their father was actually a famous supervillain and had died recently. He also tells him that his villainous quests were the real source of the family wealth. Dru was always disregarded by his father and was never considered a worthy-enough villain, so he asks his brother to teach him the tricks of the trade. When Gru refuses to revert to his old ways, Dru tries to lure him by taking him along for a ride in his supercar.

Lucy is entangled to her daughters as she turns away a young boy who falls for Margo. While Edith and Agnes learn about a mythical unicorn that lives in the forest, Agnes is determined to find it even after Gru’s convincing that unicorns are imaginary. When the girls finally set out to find the unicorn, they are only able to find a one-horned goat which Agnes calls “Lucky”. Meanwhile, the Minions manage to escape from prison and return to their former master.

Dru convinces Gru to steal the diamond. Since Gru has the intention of returning the diamond to AVL, he agrees. Despite many setbacks, the brothers finally accomplish this after a near failure and an eventual rescuing by Lucy. But after finding out his real motives, Dru confronts his brother and swears to sever all ties with him. This changes when Bratt, disguised as Lucy kidnaps Gru’s daughters and the brothers set off to save the daughters.

Bratt terrorizes Hollywood, intending to send it into space with the use of superpowered gum with his diamond powered robot. Lucy saves the children while Gru and Dru nullify the effect of Bratt's robot with the weapons of their father's car. Gru fights Bratt in a dance face off and the minions destroy the gum. Soon after, Lucy and Gru are re-appointed to the AVL and entire family celebrates at Gru’s residence.

All in all, the movie has all the ingredients of a fun-filled joyride with emotion balancing out its action to make it a ride that you can hop on again and again.

Overall, it is an enjoyable movie filled with hilarious sequences that you can enjoy with your whole family.

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