Short stories for kids with morals

Here is a wide selection of short stories for kids. These short stories teach them the moral values in a way that they always remember. Helping parents guide their kids writing short stories to improve literacy and social skills.

Short Stories - The Ant and the Grasshopper
The Ant and the Grasshopper
Short Stories - The Fox and the Grapes
The Fox and the Grapes
Short Stories - The Milk maid and her Pail
The Milk maid and her Pail
Short Stories - The Bundle of Sticks
The Bundle of Sticks

The Wooden Doll The Light on the Hills
Writing a Book The Sandy Cat
On the way to the Sun In the Moonlight
The Poor Little Doll The Violets
The Broken Horse The Rainbow-Maker
Over the Porridge The Proud Boy
Seeking the Violets Midsummer-Night
Peace The Kite
The Children and the Garland Tommy
The Swallows Smut
The Bad Girl The Pink Parasol
The Sisters The Wooden Horse
The Duck Pond The Donkey on Wheels
The Boy and Little Great Lady The Ugly Mind
The Power of Silence The Wooden Bowl
Elephants and a Rope Unconditional Love
A Faithful Dog A Heart Full of Love
A Share in the Reward You Cannot Please Everyone
The Three Men and a Family The Three Different Fishes
The Lottery Win Monster Momo
The Bicycle A Magic Pot and Flooding Porridge
Neya and Her Dream The Monkey and the Crocodile
Lazy Jack A Friend in Need
Golden Windows From the Other Side
Stephen and a Bowl of Noodles The Story of Thumbelina
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