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Animated Stories

Animated stories are one of the best entertaining options available for kids to develop their reading, learning skills and various other character skills. Combined with graphics, narration, sound effects and background music, kids will easily get fascinated and captivated by animated stories. Stories with animated characters and simple language will help your kids to understand and grasp easily. Moreover these stories are really exciting and fun for your kids as it helps them learn and enjoy. The major defect of storytelling and reading short stories is that children lose their interest at the middle of it. And this is the biggest advantage of the animated stories. Your kids never get bored in the middle of the interactive animated story.

Go through our online collection of animated short stories which span from classical stories such as fairy tales and musical stories to contemporary kids short stories. Choose the right one for your kids from our large list of kids animated stories.

Ali and the magic carpet

A delightful kid’s animated story about Ali and his magic carpet. Your little one will love to follow Ali on his carpet journey to different places in the world. Where did Ali go? And what did he see? Just go through Ali’s adventurous journey on his magic carpet!

Jack and the beanstalk

It is one of the most famous English folktales about a poor widow and her son Jack. This animated story depicts how a brave little boy learns to never give up. Your kid will love to watch the fascinating animated scenes of how the magic beans grown into a gigantic beanstalk and how Jack recovers the golden treasure. Checkout the colorful celebration of sound effects and superb animation!

Ugly Duckling - Fairy Tales

The universally loved story The Ugly Duckling will delight early readers and older learners alike.

Dark, dark wood

This is a funny story for kid. The story is narrated with full suspense. There was a dark box in a dark room; you reach through a dark stair in a dark house, in a dark wood. What is the surprise in the dark box? 

Don’t get scared about the darkness, you end up watching something very funny at the end. Have a good laugh at this mini story.

Goldilocks and the three bears

It is the story of a girl who explores the house of a bear family! Little she knew that the house belongs to bear.

Goldilocks, the young girl saw a beautiful house as she was walking in the woods. The house wasn’t locked and she entered the house. Unaware about the consequences, she explored and tried everything in the house.

After eating the porridge, damaging the chairs, she fell asleep! What happened to Goldilocks when the bears returned home?

Little Red Riding Hood

Little red riding hood is a classic fairy tale. It is about the journey of the cute girl and her encounters. Little Red Riding Hood, who was so fond of her grandmother wanted to meet her. Unfortunately, she was trapped by a wild wolf. Was she able to escape from the wolf and meet her grandmother? Watch the story.

Don't Postpone Today's Work On Tomorrow

It is a story of a squirrel that landed in trouble for postponing work.

Squirrel and sparrow were good friends. Squirrel was careless, who wanders here and there without doing his duties. Sparrow warned him about the arrival of monsoon and asked him to build his shelter. Squirrel told sparrow that he would look for shelter the next day. Sparrow again warned about the monsoon and rain. After few days, it started raining. Did the squirrel build his shelter? Watch the video.

This story comes with the moral, do your work today and don’t postpone it tomorrow. You will regret if you postpone.

Leaping Match

The leaping match is literally high jump competition between a flea, a grasshopper and a fish. They quarrel with each other about who has the ability to jump higher. They organized a competition and invited the world to enjoy the competition. The king and the princess honored the competition. The king also announced a stunning reward for the winner. Now, who wins the match?

Watch the beautiful classic tale turned into a more beautiful animation. A delight to watch.

My Secret Team

My secret team is about the secret actions of a boy, who is a hard core lover of a soccer team. His family loved a soccer team called Boxton Town, where as he was the only guy who loved another team, Boxton Rover. They enjoy the football game together as a family. However, being different from the family, the boy was not able to cherish when his favorite team score. He secretly expresses his joy over this team’s victory and grief on his team’s loss. However, the boy has a surprise. What happened to those two teams? Watch the story.

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