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The Disloyal Friend

The Disloyal Friend

The Disloyal Friend is a moral story that involves Tenali Rama, the court jester of Krishnadevaraya, the Vijayanagar emperor. The story is centered around four friends from Vijaynagar.

The four friends were poor and was in search of better job opportunities. So they decided to go to the city in search of work. Since they didn't know for how long they would be gone they wondered what to do with their valuables. One of the friends suggested that they leave their valuables in the custody of an old washer woman who lived near his house. All the friends agreed to this and so they went to the washerwoman and handed over their valuables for safe keeping in her house.

The old woman told them that she would guard their valuables with her life. The friends further instructed her to return the valuables only when the four of them returned together.

One of them became a successful cloth merchant, the second set up an oil business and the third sold food grains and they all made lots of money. The fourth friend was not successful, and after a few days he returned to the village and went to see the old washerwoman. What did he tell the old woman? What happened to the rest of the three friends? Where does Tenali Rama's wit and humour come to the rescue?

Watch the full story to know what happened next. The colourful animated story is complete with dialogues and is interesting to watch.

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