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The Gingerbread Man

The Gingerbread Man

Making gingerbread in the shape of human figures began in the 16th century. Queen Elizabeth I of England used to get her gingerbread figure-shaped to look like some of her important guests. Following this, making 'Gingerbread-men' became a trend among the common people.

The Ginger Bread Man is a fairy tale about a ginger bread man's escape from being eaten by many different people and where he finally ends up when the tale is done. The story begins in the house of an old couple who had no children. They were very lonely and pretty sad at times. To kill the boredom the old lady decides to make some ginger bread. While kneading the dough for the bread, she had an idea. She wanted to do something fun so she decided to cut the dough in the shape of a man to amuse her husband. She rolled out the dough and cut out the bread in the shape of a small man and put it in the over to bake.

She waited on her chair knitting away to pass the time. Then, as she smelled a lovely baked smell she got up and went to check on the ginger bread. When she opened the over door the ginger bread got up from the baking tray and jumped out of the oven. Before she realized what was going on the ginger bread man had already run out the door. The old lady ran after the ginger bread man and asked him to back.

He kept running and called out to the woman, 'No no no, I am not your dinner, for you can’t lay your hands on me. Run run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me, I am the ginger bread man!!' and so he kept running. The old lady called her husband to run after the ginger bread man and catch hold of him, he was their dinner! But the Ginger bread man kept running faster. Watch the rest of the story to know what happened to the Ginger Bread man as he kept running through the town mocking everybody who wanted to eat him.

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