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Thorns and Quills

Thorns and Quills

Do you know what a thorn is? And what is Quills? Well, watch this funny story for kids featuring beautiful animation of different characters and our favorite Musti.

Musti is a sweet cat! He loves to help his mom and dad. He is having a beautiful garden at home. His dad wanted to water the plants. Musti offered his help. He joined his dad.

Musti used to spray on the flowers. Musti had many plants in his garden. As he continued spraying, he accidentally sprayed water on hedgehog! Hedgehog, a rat like animal with thorns and quills all over body! Musti apologized to Hedgehog as he did not notice her.

Hedgehog asked about his garden. Musti was happy to take her to see the garden. Hedgehog love