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The Rain Maker

The Rain Maker

Do you love rain? Rain makes the environment cool. In this animated story, Musti became a rainmaker! How? Let us see. It was a hot day. Musti stayed in the house. He looked at his garden from his house. Since it was too hot, he could not go outside and play.

He suddenly heard a mild and strange noise in the garden. He rushed to garden and noticed it was none other than the tortoise. Tortoise had a strong and protective shell to cover from climate changes and enemies. Tortoises remained like a stone when they suspect something strange.

Sadly, the tortoise could not tolerate the heat. Musti pitied on tortoise. He told her he could spray some water on her so that can get rid of the heat. Tortoise was so happy hearing the kind words from Musti!

Musti sprayed water on tortoise through a hose from his garden. Tortoise was so happy and relieved. She thanked Musti! While they were having a chit chat, their friend rabbit came to the garden.

Rabbit was surprised to see the shower bath offered by Musti to the tortoise. Tortoise called him rainmaker. Even rabbit felt extremely hot and expressed his grief over the climate. When Musti decided to help rabbit by spraying water on him, there was no water! Musti and rabbit was shocked! What can they do? Watch the animated story.

This is one of the stories with a nice moral for kids. Don’t forget to offer help when some really needs it. It could be very small thing. Yet, if you can help someone, do not hesitate.

For instance, offering a glass of water, just as Musti did!

And kids can learn about the differences in climate; how they respond to different climate; etc.

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