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The Lucky Envelope

The Lucky Envelope

It is a family of four - dad, mom, Dalia and Ahmed. They wish to go on a holiday during the summer. One day, they see a beautiful golden envelope at their door. The envelope has a message that their family has won a free holiday for the summer. Everyone is delighted and shares their plan to spend the summer holiday.

Dalia loves the beach and wants to enjoy their holidays on a beach with breezy wind and beautiful waves.

Dad wants to have a holiday camping out and enjoying nature.

Ahmed wants a holiday on a ship - a beautiful cruise. He would love to eat lots of food and enjoy watching dolphins.

Mum wants a city tour where she can enjoy a lot of shopping and watching movies.

All the four argue with each other. Nothing is finalized.

They receive a call about the place they were allocated to spend the summer. Who calls them and where do they spend their holidays?

In this fast paced world we ignore the importance of enjoying holidays blissfully. This animated story throws light on the importance of valuing a precious relationship. The video is available in video and flash format.

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