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The Princess and the Dragon

The Princess and the Dragon

This is a classic tale with the popular theme of a monster trapping a beautiful princess.

A massive monster trapped a princess and locked her in a haunted castle. The princess cryied and shouted for help. The king and the queen were very sad as they had lost their daughter. They made an announcement that they were ready to offer a big bag of gold coins to those who save their daughter.

All the knights who lived in that country rushed to save their princess from the evil monster. They gathered together in front of the massive castle and saw the princess crying for help. As they approached the castle, the giant monster appeared and shouted loudly.

The imposing size and the loud, roaring voice of the giant monster frightened every soldier. They dropped their weapons and ran for their lives. The princess cried for help again.

The princess felt helpless. Suddenly, a dragon who flew over the castle noticed the princess and the monster. Was the dragon able to save the princess from the dangerous monster? Who won the bag of gold coins from the king? Watch the story.

The story is one of the folklores animated beautifully with simple script and clear images. Simple and fun to watch.

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