Animated Stories for Kids

No Dogs!

Katie’s mother waits outside her school to take her to the park. Her friend Jaia joins them. Jessie is their pet dog. She accompanies them to the park. Jessie wants to play on the swing and the see-saw just like Katie and Jaia but the park does not permit dogs to play. Jessie hears Katie and Jaia boast about who went the highest on the swing. Jessie is unable to sleep that night. She slips out through the cat flap and reaches the park. There, she is in for a big surprise. Does Jessie enjoy her time at the park that night? Watch this animation to know more about it.

The Frog Princess

The popular fairy tale of the Frog Princess has been passed down many generations as a funny yet interesting story. A beautiful princess gets cursed and hence turns into a frog. But relief comes her way. The curse can be reverted if she is kissed by a prince. She could then get back to her real self. We are familiar with it. But this animated story is a funny take on it. It is about Joy, a young girl who joins a summer camp for witches. She gets her spell wrong and the events that happen out of it is a hilarious outburst! She turns into a frog too. Does she get her human form back? What happens? Nope, we are not going to tell you the whole story. Watch it! That will be more enjoyable.

Our Colourful World

The theme of this story is science. Billy has a pet named Splodge They are aboard a space ship and are out to look for some animals in space. On their journey in space, Billy and Splodge see planets of different colours. Billy gives an account of the different things that he sees on these planets. Each one of these planets has just one colour and all the things on these planets are of that single colour only. Billy and Splodge then see the colourful planet called Earth. Are they able to find animals on the other single-coloured planets? Take off with Billy and Splodge on their spaceship and explore the different planets. Through this animation lessons on colours, plants, elements etc are explained to children.

Record Breakers

This story revolves around a little girl with the undying passion to break a world record. She tries to a break a new record each day.. To quote a few, she tries jumping on a pogo stick the maximum number of times, hula hooping with the most number of hoops, blowing the biggest ever bubble and even balancing a record number of spoons on her face. But, she fails each time. She feels she has failed several times and that she is never ever going to be a record breaker, which she so wants to be.

But, she manages to break one record! Watch the animation to find out how she becomes a winner.


Super Villain Ratty is about to take over the world by using the super rat virus. The services of Spycat is sought to stop Ratty. Spycat travels around the world gathering clues. Is Spycat able to catch Ratty and stop him from harming the world?

While travelling with Spycat, you will you will learn a few things about different countries, and the popular landmarks of these places.

These animations can help children get a hang of the pronunciation, diction and intonation which add beauty and meaning to the spoken language.

Superhero High

Every child secretly nurtures the wish to be a superhero. There is this school for superheroes called Superhero High.

The school trains students who aspire to be superheroes. In addition to academics the school trains the students to do a lot of superhero stuff. They even wear superhero uniforms.

A little boy’s cousin has joined Superhero High to become a superhero. She takes him around the school to show what the students of this super special school are taught. Interesting activities like ‘how to dress in a telephone booth’, ‘how to see through a wall’, ‘how to fly’ etc are taught in this school. The boy is very excited. Watch this animation. The ending is funny. Don’t miss it.

The Greedy Hippo

This story about a greedy hippo shows how greed can get one into solid trouble. A greedy hippo always eats whatever he sees without bothering to see if the other animals had anything to eat. He even ate their food.

But the other animals were very kind, they even help him out of a pond that he gets stuck in. But all he gives in return is to eat all their food. To teach him a lesson the other animals make a plan. How do they get even with him? To find out what happens, watch the animation and let it tickle your funny bone.

The lucky Envelope

A family of four receives a golden envelope stating they have won a free summer holiday! The family is excited. Dalia the girl wants to have a summer holiday in the beach, while Ahmed, the boy wants it to be a cruise. The mommy, who is a shopaholic and a theatre enthusiast wishes for vacation in the city, while the dad, the nature lover wants to go camping. Their argument about where to go, goes endlessly into the night. They are not able to arrive at a conclusion. Then comes a call from “Lucky Holidays’. The voice says they have won a holiday to Sunny Alexandria. Everyone in the family gets what they want in this place. Now, what is special about this place? Watch the animation, you will soon know!

The Princess and the Dragon

A beautiful princess is kidnapped by an ugly ogre. He keeps her prisoner in a tall dark tower, The King and the Queen are crestfallen. The king announces a bag of gold as gift to anyone who could save the princess. All the knights set out on the mission to save the princess. This angers the ogre. He gives out a loud roar which is frightening for the knights to make a quick retreat. They run for their lives. The princess keeps crying loudly for help. She is heard by a friendly dragon who comes to her rescue. Is the dragon able to rescue her from the evil ogre? What happens to them? Find out for yourself by watching this interesting animation.

Twins' Week

This is a beautiful story about Kim and Ken, the lucky twins whose father is the zoo keeper, recited as a poem in a very interesting way. The animation makes it so interesting that all children who watch this would want to have a life like theirs. Their entire week is fun-filled. They bathe, eat, play, and even do homework with the animals, who are their friends. They are so close to nature that they are always happy. Watch this animation and enjoy your time with nature and its wonderful beings.

This animation teaches children to love and accept animals and be considerate with them as they are all God’s creations.

Why Anansi has thin Legs!

Anansi is a spider who has very thin long legs. But why are his legs thin? There must be some reason!

Anansi was very fond of food. In fact he was greedy for it. There was this day when he went visiting his friends, the other animals. They all seemed to be cooking one food or the other. Each one of them asks him to wait till the food is cooked so that he could have some. But Anansi is impatient. He ties one end of a string of his web to one leg and asks the animal to hold on to the other end of his web and pull on it when the food is ready. He moves on to the next animal. This way all his eight legs are tied to the end of one string of web each. Unfortunately for Anansi, all the animals finish cooking at the same time. They all pull at their respective strings at the same time. Now can you say what could have happened to Anansi’s legs?

Watch this adorable animation to know the end. You are sure to have a good laugh!

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