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The Lottery Win

It was a small town, located in the outskirts of a city. People who lived in the town worked in the city and earned for their life. The town had a tea shop located near the bus stand. People who wait for the bus chat with others in the tea shop.

There was a group of 6 men who worked in the city. Although they work at different companies in the city, they were very close. Every day the 6 men used to chat and have nice conversation as they wait for the bus.

Ketan was one in the group and he worked in a garment factory. One day, Ketan was sitting in silence in the tea shop and did not join the conversation with others. The other friends saw him very sad and enquired him why he looked so worried?

Ketan told, ‘nothing friends!’

One man insisted him to share his worries, so that they might find a solution for his troubles.
Here is the conversation between Ketan and his friends.

Ketan said, ‘I lost 10 lakh rupees!’

While all were shocked, one of his friends told, ’10 lakh rupees? When did you have so much money?’

Ketan: ‘Yes, I lost 10 lakh rupees. I’m so depressed and lost a fortune!’

A Friend: ‘You were with us most of the time. Then how did you lose the money?’

Ketan was silent.

A friend: ‘if you can share with us, we can really help you!’

Ketan: ‘I read newspaper last Friday, which had the details of a lottery ticket. The one who purchase gets 10 lakh rupees as the winning money. Today I read the news again declaring the winning lottery ticket.’

A friend: ‘You purchased and lost?’

Another friend: ‘did you lose the ticket?’

Ketan: ‘No!’

A friend: ‘Then why you are sad?’

Ketan: ‘I thought I should have purchased one ticket. I decided to purchase on Wednesday as it is my lucky day. Unfortunately I forgot to buy the lottery ticket on Wednesday. Only after reading today’s news I remembered about the lottery. Today, the results are announced. If I purchased it, I would have won the lottery and 10 lakhs amount. I feel so bad I lost 10 lakhs.’

Ketan’s words let everyone shocked to the core! He did not buy the lottery ticket, but regret for losing 10 lakhs!

Many people are like Ketan. Regretting for something we have not done gives us nothing. Try it and put maximum efforts you can to get yourself rewarded.

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