Story Contest 2016 #1 - Outstanding Stories » We Love You Ma

“We Love You Ma” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual Short Story Contest 2016 written by Krishna Dinesh Choumal, Gujarat, India.

We Love You Ma

Once there lived an exceptionally loving and caring family in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. In that family there were five members: Mr. Dinesh Bhai, Mrs. Meenu and their three children: Harshvardhan, 15 years; Aishwarya, 12 years; Krishna, 6 years.

Once Mr. Dinesh Bhai had to go on a trip out of the city on his official duty. Unfortunately, Mrs. Meenu suddenly fell ill at home. All of a sudden, it was an emergency situation. Now, there were only the three children to take care of their mother. The elder brother Harshvardhan called an ambulance which took their mother to the hospital, and he stayed there to look after her. He informed his father of the situation, and requested him to return as early as possible.

Meanwhile at home the sisters Aishwarya and Krishna took charge of the kitchen in the absence of her mother, and prepared breakfast and lunch. They also packed lunch for their hospitalized mother. In that lunch box they put fresh fruits and their mother's favourite healthy dish "Idli & Sambhar". At the same time, the younger Krishna made a ‘get well soon’ drawing & Aishwarya bought a lovely flower bouquet.

When Dinesh Bhai returned to Ahmedabad, he went to the hospital with his daughters. When their mother opened the lunch box, on seeing her favorite warm "Idli and Sambhar", she was surprised. "How did you little babies do all these?” she asked.

Aishwarya and Krishna answered, "We learned all these things by watching you carefully. We Love You Very Much Ma! You care a lot for us always! So why not we? In the “Women’s Day” speech, our school principal told us a lot about the sacrifices that mothers make for their families; so now we can understand. Thank You Very Much Ma! We are proud of you Ma!”

Their mother got emotional and felt proud of her family. She hugged her children with tearful eyes. On seeing all this, the hospital staff and the other patients nearby came there and clapped for this sweet and caring family.

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