Story Contest 2016 #1 - Outstanding Stories » The Falcon

"The Falcon” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual Short Story Contest 2016 written by Jeremy Martignago, Australia.

The Falcon

10 year old Henry awoke with a start.

He looked at the clock; it was 6:45 Friday morning. Even better, it was the beginning of the Easter holidays.

He had dreamt of having a bullet shaped racing car and now was his chance. His dad had an old motor cycle which he wanted to throw away a few weeks ago. Henry begged to keep it, so father said he could. Henry moved it to the shed. He started to cut the seat and the big mud guards off and put a smaller suspension on. He wanted to fix the motor; he filled it up with petrol, then pushed the start button. The motor sputtered to life. Then he heard the shed door open. Henry quickly turned the motor off and spun around. There was his dad. Dad laughed. “So you got that old motor going, I see. Any way come and get your breakfast,” he said.

Henry sat down for breakfast. After breakfast he kept working on his racing car. He put a second wheel on the back.

At 9: 06 Henry got tired. He got his soccer ball and headed to his best friend Timothy’s house. Timothy was 10 years old also. He was drawing a picture of an easter bunny. He left it and off they went chatting happily to the soccer field. Soon they were deep in their game; they didn’t know that it was already lunch time.

“BOYS LUNCH TIME!” It was Henry’s and Timothy’s dads. “You are coming to our house,” said Timothy’s dad. “Yiiippeeeeeee,” said Henry and Timothy at the same time.

There was chicken curry, bread, ham, butter, and juice. After lunch Henry showed Timothy his racing car. Timothy loved it. So, together they hammered, screwed and put new things on and took old things off. Before long it looked like a two seater motor bike crossed with a racing car.

As the days passed, Henry and Timothy built more on their car. The boys decided to keep their car a secret and not tell other kids at their school.

The following Saturday was a rainy day. Henry started working on the racing car. Suddenly, Timothy, all wet and soaked to the skin, burst through the open door, waving a piece of newspaper. Before Henry could say anything Timothy spluttered out, “next Saturday at 10:00 there is a car race on for kids. This paper says all kids ten and over may bring their motorbike or go cart. There is a dirt bit and a grassy bit on the track.”

“Cool,” said Henry. Both of them set to work. Soon it looked like a three wheeled motor bike with a long point on the front. They put in a bullet shaped case with a big spoiler on the back. On the side in large bold letters, they painted.

“Time for a test drive.” said Timothy. Timothy wore a red helmet with the picture of fire on it, while Henry got another with the picture of a shooting star on it.

“Ready, steady..Go”

The boys were on the car. The car took off tearing through Henry’s big front yard. Soon almost the whole neighbourhood stood there watching them, amused.

The next Saturday the boys were at the race. There were about 11 other racers there. Bang! the starting pistol went off. The racers tore off leaving the man and the starting pistol far behind.

Two other motor bikes were in front. Henry and Timothy overtook them. Then they found another one in front. Try as they might, they could not overtake that one.

Finally the finish line was in sight. Henry and Timothy skidded around the last corner. By a very close margin, they beat the first one and then slid over the finish line. They had won! There they stood with the first place trophy on the winners’ stand with pride!

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