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Short Story - The Brave Children

“The Brave Children” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual Short Story Contest 2016 written by Neel Naladala, Boston, USA.

The Brave Children

Once upon a time there was a couple with two children named Katherine and John. The family lived happily till bad times came upon them. The mother had become very ill and slowly became very weak. One day, suddenly John’s and Katherine’s mother died. The father and the children were very sad.

Days and months passed. One day, John and Katherine were at home playing video games. Their father was out. After a while the children heard somebody knocking at the door. John went to open the door. John was surprised that it was his dad! He had married another woman named Kathleen. Children didn’t like their new mother as she was very rude. Kathleen also didn’t like children and she started to hate them.

One day Kathleen went to her husband and said, “I don’t like the children. Leave them in the forest.”

The husband was very shocked and didn’t accept Kathleen’s wish. He said, “No, I will not leave my children in the forest.”

Kathleen said, “If you don’t accept my wish I will leave you.”

Her husband loved Kathleen and the children equally well. He was very confused and he finally came to a decision to abandon the children. He said to Kathleen that he would leave the children in the forest. “There is a waterfall in the forest. I will take them there and will leave them,” he said.

The father told the children that he would take them to a waterfall in the beautiful forest. They set off to the forest. When they reached the waterfall, the father left the children there and ran away home without informing the children.

After playing for a while near the water fall, Kathleen asked, “Where is dad?”

“Maybe he went around to collect some fruits for us,” said her brother.

After playing for a long time, the children were worried and started searching for their father. They found a note from their father under a tree. After reading the note they understood that they were abandoned.

Not knowing what to do, the children started to walk about for a while.

“I can’t walk anymore,” said Kathleen.

“Okay. We will take rest for some time,” said John.

“I am hungry,” said Kathleen.

“Me too,” said john.

So John reached for a stick and hit apples on an apple tree. Two apples fell down. They ate an apple each. After sometime, there was an unusual noise. It was a tiger! The tiger seemed very ferocious, and it was coming towards them.

John told Katherine to dig a hole. John distracted the animal till Kathleen had finished digging the hole. It was hard work, but she finished finally. After Katherine had dug the hole. John ran towards the hole and moved aside fast, so the tiger fell into the hole. Thus they escaped from the tiger.

After walking for a while, the children found their way to their maternal grandmother’s house. They were welcomed there. They lived happily there forever.

MORAL: Don’t panic in trouble. Think positive and be brave.

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