Story Contest 2016 #1 - Outstanding Stories » The Blind Woman’s Life

“The Blind Woman’s Life” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual Short Story Contest 2016 written by Hannah Chachu Punnoose, Dubai.

The Blind Woman’s Life

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there lived a beautiful young maiden who was blind. Her name was Skyly. Her name described her beauty and nature.

Although she was blind, one boy liked her so much that he asked her to go out with him. He introduced himself to her and told her that his name was James. Just his name was known to Skyly, but she agreed to go out with him without thinking too much, as she was so happy that at least one person liked her even though she was blind.

Days went by and gradually Skyly’s relationship with James became stronger, though she did not know anything about him except his name. After two weeks, she asked him, “shouldn’t I see your parents if you like me so much?” but he strongly disagreed. She understood that something was not right and wanted to know what was wrong.

James helped her in many ways like taking care of her when she was sick and taking her to the hospital for good treatment. Despite her misgivings, the relationship grew.

One day, James invited her to live with him in a flat that he owned. She because she believed him and for two more reasons: She wanted to know why he was not living with his parents, and also why she was not allowed to meet his parents if he liked her so much.

One day, Skyly wanted to visit a neighbor next door with the help of her stick, when James went out to purchase something. On the way, as she was walking slowly, one of the other neighbors’ door was open and she could hear someone talking on the phone. He was mentioning the name of James and talking about him. After overhearing some of the conversation Skyly got the answer for her two questions. She could not believe it but she had to. She was shocked to hear that James was married and he had been cheating on her.

When James came back from shopping he invited Skyly to a dinner in a restaurant. This was her chance. She acted like she didn’t know anything, but there was a slight change in her behavior. When James asked her why she was acting like that, she said, “God has told us never to cheat anyone, whether they are disable or not, and you are cheating more than two people. You are cheating your parents, your wife and me.” She made him understand the importance of relationship, loyalty and God’s wisdom and told him to do the right thing.

James was silent for a while. Then he stood up, and apologized to Skyly. He decided to apologize to his real wife.

James and Skyly were separate now, but they still remained friends. They were happy that they were friends. James and his family visited her often, and helped her with work just like a true friend would do. After a while, Skyly got adopted by a kind and caring family. James got two kids: a boy and a girl. He taught them to be loyal just like Skyly taught him to be when he was disloyal. James learned that everyone must be loyal all the time as ‘NOTHING IS MORE ATTRACTIVE THAN LOYALTY’.

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