Story Contest 2016 #1 Results » Second Prize Winner - Sub-junior Category

Sumena Nair

“Chloe And Shimmer” by Sumena Nair, is the Second Prize winning story in the sub-junior category of the first biannual Short Story Contest 2016.

Chloe And Shimmer

Chloe ran to her room and picked up her favorite doll and said, “Let’s play hide and seek. I will hide and you count.” She hid behind her cupboard hoping her doll would find her.

A long time passed. Nothing happened. So she gave a little peak. Her doll sat staring at her pillow doing nothing. “It’s no use playing with a doll and wishing it would come to life,” sighed Chloe. “Now what? Play with Lizzie and Izzie? Those girls are too annoying... Lizzie acts like Cinderella, shouldering every responsibility. And Izzie is a drama queen! When she is caught doing something wrong, she bangs her head and cries, “This is it, for me and my heart!” and walks away with her hair flying like a princess in an argument with her prince!”

Chloe looked out of her window and stared at the snow fall like layers of soft white quilt feeling lonely and wishing for a friend.

Spring came. Chloe ran to her father and shouted, “Dad! I know what I want for my birthday, a hummingbird!” for Chloe wanted a friend.

On her birthday, Chloe got to see her dear friend. With her purple wings, green shimmery body, golden beak and sparkling black eyes, the hummingbird looked more beautiful than anything Chloe had ever seen. “I think I will name you Shimmer!” she said.

Days passed and Chloe noticed sadness in Shimmer’s twitter. No matter what Chloe gave or how much she played with her, Shimmer was sad. So one day, when nobody was home, Chloe tiptoed to her neighboring house where the magician, Mr.Abra lived. She told him, “Mr. Abra, something is wrong with my hummingbird. It never gives a joyous twitter. Please help me make my Shimmer happy.”

“Open the cage and let it fly away,” said Mr.Abra.

“No, I can’t do that. Shimmer might fly away and never return!” Chloe said.

“Little girl! If you want your bird to be happy, obey me and see if Shimmer’s frown turns upside down!” grinned Mr. Abra.

Back home, looking into Shimmer’s eyes, Chloe told her how much she loved her. In tears, Chloe let Shimmer go and watched her fly past her and into the wild.

That night Chloe couldn’t sleep. Her heart sang a sad song.

“Where did my little bird go?

I am going to miss her so!

Did she go to the forest thick

Leaving me alone and sick?

Will I ever hear her sing

To me with a joyful ring?”

Dawn came and Chloe heard a familiar but much happier chirp. She followed the sound and found Shimmer perched upon the purple flower tree in her yard. For the first time, nature talked to Chloe, the flowers smiled with their colorful faces, and the birds flew around Chloe as she danced with the wind.

Chloe had never felt happier and she knew that she would never again be lonely.

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