Story Contest 2016 #1 - Outstanding Stories » Boy and a Poor Man

“Boy and a Poor Man” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual Short Story Contest 2016 written by Abdul Ahad, Talking Heads International School, Abbottabad, Pakistan.

Boy and a Poor Man

Once, a poor boy lived in a village with his mother and little sisters. The village was a beautiful one, but not highly populated, since many of its residents had moved to the cities in search of livelihood.

The boy’s mother worked very hard to feed her children. His father had passed away long back. One day, as the mother was returning from work, rain started. She was drenched by the time she reached home. She was shivering badly, and fell sick. After two days of being ill, she passed away.

Now there was no one at the home who could work and make some money. The food was over in a few days. One morning the boy woke up feeling hungry, but there was nothing to eat. His two younger sisters also were hungry, and they looked at their brother with sad eyes.

He woke up, he was feeling hungry but there was no food at home to eat. He also had two younger sisters who were also hungry and looking to their brother with sad eyes.

The boy thought to doof doing some work and earning money to buy food. After sometime, he found a little job to do. He pulled the cart with luggage whole day. He worked very hard. In return, he got some money. He was very happy. He worked very hard.

As he was returning from work one day, after buying some food, he saw an old man. He pulled the cart with luggage whole day. In return, he got some money. On his way home, he bought some food and saved some amount of money. He saw an old man. He was looking very sick. The poor boy went to him and asked, "whyWhy are you sitting beside the road all alone? May I help you?"

The old man was surprised to hear the voice of a young boy. He replied, "I'm sick and can hardly walk. I've no money to buy medicine. I'm homeless too. I'll die soon."

The boy felt sorry for the old man. He took him to the doctor and brought him back to his own home. The old man was very happy and thankful to the boy for his kindness. He said to the boy that God wouldill reward him. The old man also did small work for him and his sisters like cooking food and cleaning the house. Soon the children got attached to him and the old man also treated them like his own children, and they started living like a family.

As time passed by, the boy opened his own shop and started his business successfully. He brought food items from the city and sold it in his village.

He was rewarded for his good deed towards that old man and also worked very hard which paid him.for his hard work.

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