Story Contest 2016 #1 - Outstanding Stories » An Interesting Treasure Hunt

“An Interesting Treasure Hunt” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual Short Story Contest 2016 written by Ojal Jain, Coventry, UK.

An Interesting Treasure Hunt

My friends Helen, Sarah, Eve, Lucy, Emily, Holly and I had come to Ireland on our holidays. We stayed at a luxury hotel.

One evening, we went to Pizza Hut near our hotel to get pizza for dinner. It was then that we saw a big poster saying FREE ENTRY TO TREASURE HUNT, COME AND JOIN US AND HAVE LOADS OF FUN!!!!!

When we read it, we were amazed and wanted to join. One of my friends Sarah took a picture of it so we could read it at our room in the hotel. We were in a hurry, as we were very hungry. We took two large pizzas and had a party in our room. It was very fun but when we looked at the picture of the TREASURE HUNT, we were all confused. There was no address to where the THRASURE HUNT was.

Helen suggested it might be a prank or something but Sarah and I disagreed. Eve suggested that we should go and ask the nearby shopkeepers. As we went to the shopkeepers none of them even knew that there was a poster about TREASURE HUNT. One of them, like Helen earlier, even suggested that it could be a prank, meant to get people disappointed.

There was one shop we had not visited: a shop at the corner. “There is no point in going to that shop and asking the shop keeper,” said Emily.

“Let us try. It is worth a try,” said Holly.

So we all went to the shop right at the corner, and the shopkeeper exclaimed, “You have come to the right place.” He pointed to the poster on the glass window which said in big and clear words,

On the day of the treasure hunt, Lucy was the first one to wake up, and she made sure all the others were up. We had just 45 minutes to get ready. It was 7 am.

We rushed to the corner shop as soon as we could, and saw many groups like us, all eager to go on the treasure hunt. We were asked to get into groups of seven. We were lucky. We were just seven members in our group.

Soon after that we got onto the coach that took us to the snowy mountains. We were given a tool that could dig up snow. We thought it was cool! We were going to find the buried treasure!

Our coach stopped at a place near the mountains. As we got off, we were given a treasure map. We climbed the smallest mountain. We followed the clues and the trail, and after a long time of speculating and digging, at last, we found the treasure. Guess what it was? A rubber duck!

However, we had indeed found a treasure, because we were the first group to be back on the coach, and we were given loads of chocolate and a free trip offer to China!

When summer holidays were over, we went back home, and excitedly narrated all these to our parents. Guess what! They knew already. It had been on TV. Our parents were very proud of us.

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