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Outstanding Story - A Treasure Hunt

“A Treasure Hunt” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual Short Story Contest 2016 written by Muhammad Hazik Bin Jaleil, Brunei.

A Treasure Hunt

During the holidays, my friends and I went on a very exciting exploration, of a ship wreck and a deserted island. As luck would have it, it was raining heavily, and a storm was flashing.

We were playing hide and seek in a big room inside the ship, and Rayyan was the seeker. We all quickly hid in different places. When Rayyan was looking for us he said the ship was shaking badly. He always lied but that time he was not. We somehow managed to get out of the ship that was getting more and more damaged by the bad weather.

We ran to the deserted island, and went looking for some food. We searched around the place which was almost a jungle. We found coconuts, apples, bananas and other fruits in the jungle. We were in the jungle for 15 days. We explored how animals do their duties and we found a tree on which we planned to build a tree house. We took axes from our bags and began to cut the wood to make a very traditional tree house. It took us 6 days to make the tree house. It was the first ever tree house built by us. Our house was beautiful and clean. We were starting to love nature; we were far away from the busy city.

When my friends and I were collecting fruits, we saw a skeleton but we didn’t run because we are brave, smart and fearless children. We checked inside the bones and there was a name tag. It said “Treasure Island” and we were shocked. We did not know that the unknown island had treasure. We used wooden shovels to dig the sand and we dug deeper and deeper every time, but there was nothing in the sand.

We gave up for the time being, and went on a swim instead. While swimming, we saw something golden in the distance and when we swam nearer we saw the treasure box. We pulled the treasure box but it was stuck deep in the sand. The next day, we tried harder and managed to pull it out. We opened it to find a map inside. It was the map of a nearby island.

We made a plan. We cut some wood to make a long boat. When we finished making it we paddled it to test it out. When the next day arrived we all went paddling to the mysterious island on the map. As we arrived, we looked for treasure. Then we found it, glittering in the sun! It was a lot of money! Well, the exploration was really worth it!

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