Story Contest 2016 #1 - Outstanding Stories » A Tale of Revenge on an Iceberg

“A Tale of Revenge on an Iceberg” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual Short Story Contest 2016 written by Hicham Moustapha, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

A Tale of Revenge on an Iceberg

Nothing but dark. I opened my eyes to the sight of medical equipment next to me. “What is this? Why I’m on a bed in a hospital?” I tried to get up, but my head hurt me.

“He woke up!” I turned my face and saw a surprised nurse standing at the door. She left quickly and after a while, a doctor came with her. “Are you all right John?” he asked. I said, “John? Who is John? Is it my name?”

A year ago. I was waiting for Sara -my girlfriend- at the school gate. When she came, we went to the Library to study for the tests. “I know it’s hard, but I will do my best to get good marks,” I said to her.

“I will help you as much as I can, because I believe in you,” she said cheerfully. Sara was a smart girl, and always took care of me.

The winter came and I passed the exams with High grades. I headed to the party that Max -My best friend- was organizing. “Congratulations to you John,” Max said.

“Thank you. I enjoyed this party, but Sara is waiting for me. Let’s have fun another time,” I said while leaving after spending time there. Sara had been elated with my good results and invited me for skating at the iceberg. I agreed and called Max too.

At the mountain, we had a lot of fun. They were not good as me at skating, so I advised them to go back to the Resort. I kept skating. Soon I took a wrong turn, because I got tired. I sat down and took off the skates.

Suddenly I heard a strange voice. I followed the source. There was a girl alone there. I realized that it was Sara. “But what is she doing in this place?”

Unfortunately, she ran towards me, shouting. I couldn’t hear her. When she got close, she pushed me strongly away. Then the Avalanche took her away from me. “What? Sara? Sarraaa?” That was the last thing I remembered.


I attended a new school. I was excellent at studying, and had always a great grades.

In the high school, I wasn’t that sociable. One day a new student “Billy Jordan” came to me and said, “How are you John? Why is there noone with you?”

I answered, “I’m fine, I don’t know why”.

He gave me his hand and said, “Will you please me by becoming your first friend?”

I accepted. Soon, we had so many enjoyable moments together.

I was happy that our class was planning a school trip.. Billy led the project and selected the Iceberg in the other city as the venue for the trip, because winter was close. Unfortunately, a student appeared in front of me and said “It is dangerous; Billy is planning revenge. He is lying to you.”

I shouted, “Why you are warning me about my friend? Who are you?”

He answered, “I’m..., I was your best friend Max”.

“You’re a liar,” I said angrily and left him.

The cold came. We arrived at the Iceberg. My classmates went to the Resort first, and got ready for skating. I was skating very well, and had a fantastic time. “Where is Billy?” I asked the others, but I didn’t find him. I thought perhaps he was resting in our room, so I went there. To my surprise, I found a letter addressed to me from Billy. It said that I had to meet him at a particular location.

I arrived at the location mentioned in the letter. “Where are you Billy?” I called out. “I am here,” Billy said from a high point from me.

“Finally, we got here. It took a long time to bring you to the crime scene, Murderer,” He said, laughing.

“Murderer? What are you saying?” I asked.

“Yes, you killed my sister Sara Last year in the same place,” he responded.

“But the police told me it was just an accident” I defended myself.

“No, I believe that it was your fault, and you shall die in the same way,” he said as he took out a remote control, and pressed on it. “booom” An avalanche started and it headed to my place.

“Am I going to die? What I have done? He said that it was my fault, so perhaps I deserve this.”

I thought that everything was over and closed my eyes. Unexpectedly a picture of a girl showed in my mind. “Sa.., Sara, Sara, I remember everything”, I mumbled. I opened my eyes to find myself behind Max on a snow scooter. He was crying, “thank God I rescued him”.

Suddenly, I saw the snow near Billy slipping. I risked riding to his place. We pulled him with us at the last moment. When we got to a safe area, Billy jumped out and furiously said, “Why? Why did you come back for me? I was going to murder you.”

“May be you needed a reason to kill me, but I don’t want to lose my best friend,” I replied.

Max was so afraid and said, “It’s not john’s fault, its mine. I called Sara that night to confess to her. I’m sorry John, because I wanted her as my girlfriend.” Billy became nervous, and pulled a knife to attack Max but I cut his way and got the stab.

Billy was worried and said, “John! John! I’m sorry”. Max was scared and tried to leave, but I stopped him saying, “Max! Wait, I’m happy that I know the truth. I forgive you both, so I want the three of us to be friends, Will you forget the past?”

So saying, I fell down, my blood oozing into the ice.

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