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Short Story - A Story from TECH Land

“A Story from TECH Land” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual Short Story Contest 2016 written by Mridula Ravindran, the United Kingdom.

A Story from TECH Land

Once upon a time, long ago, in a far away land named Tecnolophia, a land of technology, there lived a girl named Tecna. She loved the color green. She decided to buy a shiny, green, bright long Limo, when she grew up.

20 years later, the brisk, fun-loving girl Tecna was 25 years old. She checked online for a long Limo. ‘There!’ exclaimed Tecna when she found the right, perfect Limo. She called her friends to her house. Only one of them was her best friend and her name was Kara. She was a princess. Her enemy’s name was Terence. He was a moody, mad person. He was enemy not only to Kara, but also to Tecna and her friends.

Tecna went to a shop and bought a Limo. She and her friends went to the Marina Beach. They had fun party to celebrate buying the Limo. When they got home they were shocked. Terance was there. Tecna shouted, “What do you think you are doing here, young man?”

Terence shouted back, saying, “I’m going to blow up your house.”

Then Tecna was really angry. She got into her Limo which was really fast, went to Terence’s house and blew it up!

“How dare you blow up my house?” asked Terence shouting furiously.

Tecna did not answer. She went to a place called the Other World. She completed a mission and earned magical powers. She became the fairy of imaginatory technology. She haunted her car because she knew Terence would steal it. Just as she thought, Terence stole her car. As she was a fairy, she could predict the future and it happened as she thought.

Later on, in Tecna’s car Terence was driving, he heard a mysterious calling sound. It said, “GET OUT RIGHT NOW.” Terence was shocked. There were no speakers in the car, but he talked with fear and asked “Who are you?”, but all he heard was “GET OUT RIGHT NOW.” He tried again but it just said the same thing. Terence could not believe his eyes. He saw the ghost Tecna had put in. Ah! He screamed. But Terence does not know that Tecna was the one who had put the ghost in the car. Terence left the car in the middle of a forest and ran far away.

Meanwhile, Tecna was flying around looking for Terence if he had been there. On seeing what had happened, Tecna exclaimed, “Oh! I see. You have left my car here and ran away”.

Suddenly her car disappeared. Some days later she found that a person named Ashron was playing a trick on her and that the person really masquerading as Terence was Ashron.

Tecna was very furious. She went to Ashron’s house and questioned him about why he did a prank on her. Ashron just said that he was really bored so he had played a trick on her. Ashron told her that he went to the Other World and completed a task and had been rewarded with magical powers. That’s why he could make her car disappear and could impersonate Terence.

Later, Tecna she invented a rubber band kit called rainbow loom. She worked on it day and night. And finally, she finished her long rubber rope. She was ready for revenge. She set up ropes everywhere. There were ropes in the bathroom, kitchen, living room, and bedroom and set a tracker on Ashron’s leg. Wherever he went, the rubber bands were in front of him. The rubber bands were invisible. The tracker told Tecna where Ashron was going and what he was doing.

Months later, Tecna and Ashron had a war. Ashron made a rainbow loom too. They both made as many as they could and fought with all their might. Tecna finally defeated Ashron.

Tecna went and told her friends all about the fight. “I put ropes all over the place and made Ashron trip. Then he tried to get revenge on me but I used my powers and punched him. And did you know that I became a fairy?”

She continued, “He took rolls and rolls of loom and threw it at me but I managed to throw the roll back at him. I made it strangle him and I defeated him.”

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