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Highly Commended Story - The Adventurous Four

“The Adventurous Four” by Hitarth Zaveri, Rustomjee Cambridge International School and Jr. College, India, is the Highly Commended story in the junior category of the second biannual Short Story Contest 2020.

Hitarth Zaveri is a grade 4 student of Rustomjee Cambridge International School. Hitarth or the Rockstar as his name aptly means for the benefit, is a caring, loving and joyful person. His passions are writing creative stories, reading Ruskin Bond books and playing cricket. He is also fond of listening music. Whenever he gets time he plays cricket or reads books. He loves to explore new places. He aspires to become a cricketer and for his country India.

The Adventurous Four

“Oh no! Look at that gigantic shark. It is coming towards us! Helllllpppp!!!

It was a perfect hot summer day. The sky was as blue as the ocean with white fluffy clouds floating like cotton candy. Tom, Sam, Jack and Ron were very excited. They were best friends and were going sailing today. Tom’s dad had a boat named Flying Ranger which he gave it to them. Their mother packed some delicious snacks and juice for their journey. They were on seventh heaven and waited eagerly to set sail and begin their journey. They joyfully began their journey. Their boat was sailing swiftly in the wind. They saw big white seagulls flying overhead.

Suddenly, Jack screamed, “Look out! There is a shark!” They tried steering the boat in the other direction, but it was too late. The shark bit their boat and it started sinking. They were all shaking like a leaf and they cried out “Help!” But there was no one around. Finally, they swam and reached the shore of an island. The island was vast with white sand and tall coconut trees standing like body guards. The boys were happily exploring the place. All of a sudden an enormous black scorpion appeared. The boys were stunned and their jaw dropped open. The scorpion was as huge as an elephant and looked like a fierce monster with its sharp claws. The hideous scorpion started advancing towards them. The boys were petrified and began to run for their lives. They sprinted as swiftly as a cheetah and took shelter in an old cave.

The cave was dark and filled with cobwebs but the boys had no option. When they went in Sam yelled “Wow! Come in quickly!” Their eyes popped out to see a huge old wooden box. When they opened it, they were astonished to see gold coins, precious jewels, diamonds etc. They were over the moon to find so much treasure. They ecstatically carried the box and tried to find their way out of the island.

They were jubilant but they also felt gloomy and depressed as they were lost in that island. Meanwhile, they boys’ parents were anxious and were searching frantically for their kids. Luckily, they reached the same island in another boat. The boys were on cloud nine to see their parents approaching them. They eagerly showed their treasure box to their parents. They were walking on air as they were rescued and went home after a fantastic adventure.

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