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Highly Commended Story - Surprising Mystery, Horrible World In 2030

“Surprising Mystery : Horrible World In 2030” by Ansh Jain, Evergreen Public School, Vasundhara Enclave, Delhi, India, is the Highly Commended story in the junior category of the second biannual Short Story Contest 2020.

Ansh Jain is a class VIII student at Evergreen Public School located in Vasundhara Enclave, Delhi. His hobbies are reading inspirational books, studying, writing articles, stories, essays and many more. He is also interested in learning programming and coding. He has got many writings published on many platforms and he is the literary captain on one of it. Ansh loves to take part in competitions very much. He is currently preparing a novel and a storybook which is substantially fictional.

Surprising Mystery : Horrible World In 2030

This is a great pleasure for me that our world has done a lot many things which had never been expected. It was like painting a town with red. Now, I have become a member of “World of Technology and Happiness”. The first thing which I would like to share is that there are many electrical accessories which acts like gadgets. They are automatic but, we just have to command them by using remote control. I hope you all must have listened the name of an animated cartoon show “Doraemon” which was once telecasted where many fictional things happened. Sometimes, people start thinking that it is just an imagination but this all is possible now. Yes, this world has become comfortable as the most famous scientists have invented a door that has sensors. Whenever, someone enters the name of any place, it opens at that place only. Flying cars, which were on a way to be innovated, are now ready.

But, not just cozy life, a life of scariness and fear too. It is said “Everybody has problems. Everybody has bad times but some people are good at hiding them”. So, this time also, we are in a great annoyance. Now, it’s not difficulty but an epidemic and natural calamity. All the resources came to an end and it is also announced by World Health Organization that by 2030, each and every resource will exhaust. I remember Covid-19 pandemic in which people were warned. No one understood but now, this is more dangerous than that. This was really horrible news I have ever listened in my life. This thing is because, from the past years, people are using resources unlimitedly. This is curse of god on us that we have to pass out through this period. This world had lost the hope at that time. But, I was thinking that we must not lose hope.

It is said “Never lose hope. Storms make people powerful and never last persistently.” Life is also possible without resources as technology has make world restful. Still, if we don’t have petroleum, we can use battery to run the vehicles. And many more things could be substituted by technology. But , At that time , My parents told me “ We aren’t losing hope , We are expecting the worst which can happen due to that precious resource after which technology is nothing and we cannot survive , That’s water . Water and Air borne communicable diseases are spreading throughout the world...” After this line, I was having the blues. Now, in December 2030 Droughts were caused which was an unfortunate event. They all were suffering from typhoid fever, leptospiroisis because pure water was exhausted and due to water’s craving, they were drinking polluted water. Then, I started thinking why I haven’t stopped people. I felt extremely melancholic; why I haven’t done rallies, make the people understand the importance of water but nothing could happen. But, to save the world and people, I took help from scientists and innovated a time-machine which costs us approximately one hundred million. Then, I prepared a letter for myself in 2020 mentioning the most important points to protect our world.

Dear Ansh, I am your future of after 10 years. I am writing this letter to tell a foremost thing of future. As you know, how people are using the precious resources unlimitedly, there had been shortage of resources at starting of 2030 and now it’s exhausted. So, I request you to follow some of the measures mentioned here. You have to organize rallies everywhere regarding the natural resources. You have to stop industries dumping the polluted waste in water. You have to advice everyone to use three R’s i.e. Reuse, Recycle and Reduce so that pollution would be prevented. It is must that you have to recommend people take an initiative to follow small majors. Use bicycle the most in daily routine.

Follow the Sustainable Development. Stop Cutting trees. Start your day by planting a tree. Use long lasting bulbs. Use bucket and mug the most.

So, I would like to end up by saying “Your future is in your hand. Go Green. Go Clean. Be Sustainable. Protect Biodiversity”

Thank You

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