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Junior 3rd Prize Winning Story - Baby Blue Tail And The Big Fish

“Baby Blue Tail And The Big Fish” by Ashar Taimur, Nishihara Elementary School, Japan, is the Third Prize winning story in the junior category of the second biannual Short Story Contest 2020.

Ashar Taimur is a Grade-6 student at Nishihara Elementary School, Kashiwa, Japan. He loves playing basketball and volleyball. He has remained a member of basketball and volleyball club in his school. Ashar loves photography, art, and programming. He loves making videos on youtube for his channel and playing video games as well. As a Kashiwa UNESCO boy scout, he has participated in multiple events, capacity building and fundraising activities.

Baby Blue Tail And The Big Fish

In a pleasant house in the middle of the blue and deep ocean, Baby Blue Tail and his family lived together. Baby Blue Tail was a tiny little yellow fish with a blue tail, and that is why his parents named him Baby Blue Tail. Every day, Baby Blue Tail enjoyed playing with his friends and family. One night, one of his friends disappeared. In the morning, the Baby Blue Tail got so worried and told the other friends that one of his friends is missing. All of his friends got shocked and scared.

The next day, when the Baby Blue Tail was sleeping, nine more friends went missing. This kept happening until all of his friends went missing. At this point, the Baby Blue Tail got terrified and told his mom that all of his friends are missing.

Baby Blue Tail and his mom decided to stay up all night to investigate what has happened to the Baby Blue Tails' friends. Suddenly, the Baby Blue Tail saw a big fish taking away his dad while he was sleeping. Baby Blue Tail was very sad to find out that this was the big fish taking everyone away.

Oh no! He might have eaten everyone, said Baby Blue Tail, while expressing his dejection to his mom. In the morning, the Baby Blue Tail and his mom decided to explore the ocean more to stop the big fish from taking his family and friends. Baby Blue Tail laid out a plan, and he told his mom that we can hide and follow the big fish. At night, Baby Blue Tail and his mom hid in a coral, and the big fish appeared, but the big fish did not find anyone in the house because Baby Blue Tail and his mom were hiding. After searching for a while, the big fish left.

The Baby Blue Tail and his mom followed the big fish. While they were following the big fish, they saw people, on the shore, throwing plastic waste in the ocean. Baby Blue Tail saw a lot of dead fishes and other sea creatures. His mom pulled him out of the debris and kept following the big fish. The big fish led them to a beautiful part of the ocean, where people used eco-friendly bags and cleaned the ocean every week. There were rainbows, happy sea creatures, and corals. Baby Blue Tail whispered and asked his mom, "who was the big fish?". A voice from behind them said, "turn around." When Baby Blue Tail and his mom turned around…IT WAS THE BIG FISH.

The big fish said, I am the big fish, and my name is Baby Shelly. Baby Shelly said people living near your home were throwing rubbish and plastics. So, I brought you over here, where no one uses plastics. Here my family and I live happily together in a peaceful ocean. I hope you and your family will also enjoy living in this pleasant ocean. If you had stayed there, you would have died.

Baby Blue Tail stated in the excitement that we initially thought you were a monster taking our family and friends to plastic waste. But you received them to this place full of happiness, Oh, yay! Thank you! We will enjoy a lot in this friendly part of the ocean. Baby shelly added, Let's play together and be friends forever. From then, baby shelly and baby blue tail and their family lived happily together in the ocean.

Moral: Creatures living under the water are also alive, and plastic waste can kill them. Let's be mindful of using plastics.

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