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Highly Commended Story - A Dream Come True

“A Dream Come True” by Saravanan Madhav Guru Surya, Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary School, Singapore, is the Highly Commended story in the senior category of the second biannual Short Story Contest 2020.

A Dream Come True

John was an aspiring cardiologist. His role model was Dr. Salim Yusuf, a renowned cardiologist and John wanted to become like him. Hence, he spent days and nights reading and writing about the anatomy of the heart. Obviously, he has a great interest in science and especially, the circulatory system. He usually topped the class with flying colours. So, everyone had high expectations for him. When the release of the O’ Level results came, he went up to his form teacher to receive the results. He came back with a sulking face.

His parents and friends knew that something was not right. The whole school including the principal was shocked that their “star student” had failed almost 10 subjects and got the lowest for science! John started weeping in front of everyone. Tears were not something he was used to. He was always exuberant with a wonderful smile that would brighten anyone’s day even if they were on their deathbed. His family and friends motivated him and gave him words of encouragement.

That night, he did not get any sleep. All he was thinking about was his broken dream and his torn future. Suddenly, he heard a deep voice. “Hey, John!” He stood rooted to the ground. He looked around in all directions and still saw nothing. “John! I am here!” John analysed the room and when he looked down, he saw a genie-like creature standing to stare at him. “Wha…what... Who are you?” he questioned the genie. “I am THE GENIE. I am impressed with your hard work and effort. I would like to help you in your path towards being a cardiologist. I am here for you now and I can help you with whatever help you want.” John was awestruck for a minute but then, regained consciousness. “Ok,” John said with hope glittering in his eyes.

Even though the genie seemed harmless, John still kept a distance from it. He was still unsure about the decision he had made in accepting the genie’s helping hand. Every time the genie came close to help him, he moved away due to the fear of the genie. After more than two weeks since he had met the genie, he still did not tell his parents or friends about it. Moving forward though, he started adapting to his new friend. The genie helped him with studying the human body. Soon, he gained enough knowledge to attend an interview in a hospital and passed it.

When he had finally accomplished his dream, the genie had to leave him. He cherished all those moments he had spent with the genie. He never forgot the huge amount of help given to him.

He then went on to help students who had gotten low grades by setting up a tuition centre. He also became a successful motivational speaker. He wanted to give back the help that the genie had offered him without expecting any return. Till now, the genie and its generosity still remains etched in his heart.

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