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Highly Commended Story - A Dream Can Change A Life

“A Dream Can Change A Life” by Ayesha Zaidi, Beacon House School System Primary VI - North Nazimabad, Karachi, Pakistan, is the Highly Commended story in the sub-junior category of the second biannual Short Story Contest 2020.

Ayesha Zaidi is an intelligent girl who not only has an interest in writing short stories, but is a little poet too. She is passionate to learn new things from her surroundings. Her stories are usually based on fantasy and her imagination. She is really thankful to her school, teachers, and family members who keep on motivating her to participate in different activities and encourage her to do the best. She often imagines herself as a famous story author in the future.

A Dream Can Change A Life

“Mom I’m going to the shopping mall” shrieked Jessica, “Sure honey, but come back before noon” Mrs. James said gaily. Jessica fitted in a wealthy family, they were a family of three people, Jessica was Mr. And Mrs. James only daughter so they let her spent as considerable money as she desired. She valued looking engaging and her smile was ravishing, in a blink of an eye she was at the mall, “That’s an uplifting dress” mumbled Jessica. “that one’s appealing too” she supposed. She wasn’t at the following shop and already had masses of dresses and innumerable amount of jewelry in her cart. Before she knew it, she had already spent a lot, everyone was gazing at her after eyeing at the amount of carts she had. Just before noon Jessica came back. “Mommy I am ravenous and I want delicious food” clarified Jessica. “I have made some hot soup for you” her mom said in a winsome way, she swiftly finished the soup and said “It was astonishing” “thanks dear” her mom spoke up. “Your maid wanted to have a word with you, please head upstairs”, Mr. James said, she dashed upstairs and asked her what she wanted to say, “Can you please give me some of your clothes because it’s very cold and my children have nothing to wear, all their clothes are ripped” her maid sweet heartedly said. “Do you know how treasurable my clothes are? I cannot give them away!” Jessica replied in a bloodcurdling voice. Her maid felt dismayed and humiliated and left the room. That same subzero night Jessica slept with great fury, when she fell asleep she felt like her jewelry was tumbling at her and that made scratches on her face, blood stains all over her body and all her most exquisite clothes got eyes and they were falling on her, she was drowning in the clothes and she was out of breath, she felt like she was going to die, unexpectedly she woke up with cold sweats down her face, and her heart skipping beats, then she bellowed piercingly, her mom got vexed and went to see what happened, Jessica told her mom all about her horrendous dream, her mom reassured her and kissed her and then enlightened her saying, “ You acted badly with your maid. But it is ok, since your father has a good earning it becomes our accountability to help poor people.”. She apologized to her mother, she felt extremely upset about what she did to her maid, that day she took some of her clothes and gave them to her maid and she gave some of her jewelry as well. That day she promised to spend cash wisely and she decided to always give her maid some old clothes and new ones at the end of every month.

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